happy birthday, bhOndOO.

Today, on Sep 24, our dear bhOndOO is one year old. This blog iisc life was started exactly a year ago with this post.

Lot of wonderful things have happened since then and you all have become a part of bhOndOO’s friend-circle. Many of you advertized bhOndOO in some form or another, many of you kept up my tempo to write by reading and commenting, and many of you contributed ideas and stories. I am sure this will continue and I am grateful to all of you for being there.

However, one comment needs special thanking, and that is by Dr Abinandanan, when iisc life completed one month. I would like to quote the comment here:

Congratulations on crossing this major milestone.

You have lots of interesting stories to tell, and you tell them well. So, just keep blogging! [And that’s the suggestion from me.]

His the suggestion has really helped me go ahead at times. Thank you, Sir. I would urge other bloggers to keep this suggestion in mind whenever they feel that it is not worth writing.

The blog went through a few accomplishments. But the major achievement was raising of money for my classmate Ashutosh Mishra’s bone marrow transplant. Some of you — whom I have never met, never seen, never communicated with — donated money. I was really obliged. Thank you very much.

Here is the PDF version of all posts from Mar 2008 to Sep 2008. Feel free to distribute the enjoyment. Check out this page for previous PDF.

The number of visits to the blog is close to 30,000 in the first year, averaging over 80 per day. Soon this would be over 100 per day. Below is the list of most visited posts and their number of views.

Title Views
bangalore bomb blasts of july 2008. 2,954
research life. 1,412
john abraham and eco-friendly jeans! 613
scholarship hike in iisc. 578
the bet on orkut profile views. 514
bhOndOO's classmate needs help. 400
married apartments in iisc. 325
coffee with shami. 305
marc faber's comment on us economy. 290
iisc life. 271
bhOndOO decides to commit suicide. 249
fee hike in iisc and the general body me 240
iisc, orkut, dating, matrimony, and the 239
harbhajan, symonds, and the monkey. 239

bhOndOO is yet to write papers, yet to attend conferences, and yet to become Dr bhOndOO. I am sure, many more adventurous stories of bhOndOO are still to come.

Best Wishes.


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10 Responses to “happy birthday, bhOndOO.”

  1. Arnab Says:

    Congrats BhOndOO! Way to go!

  2. Sudhira Says:

    Hearty Congratulations! Many more miles to go!!!

  3. karthik Says:

    Happy birthday Bhoondoo

    COngrats πŸ™‚

  4. Arun Says:

    congrats πŸ™‚

  5. Vamsi Says:

    happy birthday πŸ˜‰

  6. iisc Says:

    Thanks a lot, Arnab, Sudhira, Karthik, Arun and Vamsi. Your encouragement lets this blog keep rolling.

  7. Radhesh Says:

    Congrats bhOndOO and Happy B’day !

  8. iisc Says:

    Thanks a lot, Radhesh.

  9. Sandeep Says:

    Amazing things about bhondoo… happy birthday..:) Utilizing talent for a frind…. I am speechless..

  10. happy birthday, bhOndOO. « iisc life. Says:

    […] to the first birthday, research life reached its top position. Another significant feat is achieved by iisc bloggers […]

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