cat at t-board.

bhOndOO had a meeting with his advisor at 18:00. He had to discuss some results of his experiments. bhOndOO was adamantly trying various techniques to make results look promising, but the results were as adamant. bhOndOO was tired and anxious: What will I say to Sir? Will he scold me? Will he sign my scholarship?

There was still an hour for the meeting. bhOndOO wanted to try another technique, but the grand realization of hunger made him stop. Since going to mess would have been time-consuming, he decided to go to T-board.

As soon as he entered the T-board, a cat crossed his way. bhOndOO, like all of us, claims that he is not superstitious, but felt dreaded to see the cat. He started whispering Hanuman Chalisa and walked back two steps. He then closed his eyes for two seconds, prayed to Lord Hanuman, and opened the eyes. Just to make sure that nobody was watching his superstitious worshipping, he looked around, and saw his advisor smiling at him. Prof Krishnamurthy was leaving the place. See you at six, he said while going.

Feeling embarrassed, bhOndOO joined the queue. He kept looking angrily at the cat, who was majestically roaming around the T-board between the legs of the students. Yes Sir, the T-board owner shouted. bhOndOO handed him a 10-rupee note and declared, Idli-Vada. bhOndOO grabbed the tokens and went to the counter to collect the eatables.

For lack of alternative, bhOndOO settled at the table just adjacent to the cat. There was another empty chair opposite to bhOndOO. The cat gave a cold look at bhOndOO and looked away. bhOndOO, cautious, kept looking at the cat for some time. But inactivity by the cat made bhOndOO relax and he started with the idli.

bhOndOO started thinking about various techniques to improve the algorithm. When he was zeroing on a technique to implement, he felt a sudden touch of an animal at his right leg. bhOndOO shouted and got up. Everyone in the T-board quickly turned their attention towards the shabby animal being forsaken by a sleek cat who was looking angrily at bhOndOO. Seemed that it did not like bhOndOO’s voice.

bhOndOO, feeling doubly embarrassed (since the attentive spectators included some attractive faces), sat back, and started hurriedly eating the remaining idli. But the cat came back. bhOndOO kept hearing meows of the cat who had settled gently beside bhOndOO’s chair. bhOndOO’s speed of eating kept increasing exponentially, but the periodic meows of the cat continued like a sinusoidal wave. The meows were very irritating. bhOndOO was already frightened, but one complete vada was remaining to be eaten.

When bhOndOO broke the vada with the spoon, he saw some movement beyond the vada. He observed that the cat had changed its position and was now standing facing him, beyond the table, just in front. bhOndOO kept looking at the cat and the cat kept looking at the table. bhOndOO was just thinking that the cat should not, when the cat jumped onto the chair in front of bhOndOO. bhOndOO was terrified. But since the attractive girls were still around, he did not utter a single word. He stopped eating and just kept looking at the cat.

The cat could now see not only the plate but also the vada. It started moving its tongue around its lips, and bhOndOO did not know what to do. He knew that the cute-looking animal would jump onto the table at any point in time, if he kept silent. bhOndOO gathered courage, and got up. The cat changed its direction of sight towards the big shabby animal standing in front. The big shabby animal did a few useless “Hut! Hut!”, with which the cute animal was too familiar. The cat did not leave the chair. A few faces around turned.

bhOndOO was helpless. He finally held the chair on which the cat was royally seated and turned it by 45 degrees. The cat, feeling frightened for the first time in its lifetime, jumped off the chair onto the floor. bhOndOO felt accomplished, but the cat kept looking angrily at bhOndOO, as if saying, Okay, now you see.

bhOndOO grabbed the cut piece of the vada by the spoon and gulped it. It tasted like success. bhOndOO smiled and looked at the cat. Oh! Where is the cat? bhOndOO questioned. He looked around but did not see it. bhOndOO had just started feeling relieved when the cat jumped from the sideby tree onto bhOndOO’s table. bhOndOO, not recognizing his old friend, shouted badly, this time with double the amplitude. The attendees, including the attractive faces, turned towards bhOndOO: bhOndOO was standing like a waiter and the cat was nicely eating the vada.

People turned their faces away. bhOndOO kept looking. The cat had finished eating and was yawning without looking at bhOndOO. bhOndOO got furious. He was a lost man and he had nothing else to lose. He held his hand in air and gave a big blow to the cat. The cat, crying, fell on the ground, got agitated, came running, and bit bhOndOO’s leg. bhOndOO moaned in pain and the cat ran away.

After meeting the advisor, bhOndOO went to the health centre. Last time he had gone to the health centre when he bit a dog. He remembered his conversation with the doctor, when he had said, “I bit a dog.”. bhOndOO formed the correct sentence in his mind and when he met the same doctor, said, “I bit a cat.”.

The doctor looked at bhOndOO and said, “Perhaps you need to consult a psychiatrist then…”. bhOndOO realized the mistake and corrected, “No, no. I was bit by a cat.”.
“Yes, doctor.”.
“Here…”, bhOndOO showed his wound.
“Hmmm… You were playing with it?”.
“No, I was… I was fighting with it.”.
“Fighting for?”.
“… for my vada.”.

The doctor smiled and did not ask anything else, “You will have to take five Rabies injections over a period of one month. Also, just keep an eye on the cat. Let me know if it dies.”.

Hearing about Rabies, five injections, and the death, bhOndOO was scared.
“Doctor, is it serious?”.
“It can be.”.
“What do you mean?”.
“If a dog or a cat bites you, and it dies, then it can prove fatal to you. Rabies can result in a person’s death.”.

The statement made bhOndOO set back. He did not know what to do. He went to the nurse and got injection. He then went to the mess, had quick dinner, went to his room, and slept.

The next day, early morning (09:00), bhOndOO rushed to the T-board. He felt better to see the cat alive. The cat was sitting idly at a corner. bhOndOO went and tried to play with it, but the cat did not pay heed. bhOndOO felt worried. He thought for a while and purchased a vada and brought it to the cat. The cat turned its face away. bhOndOO started feeling nervous. He further cut the vada into pieces and kept the plate in front of the cat, but the cat was unimpressed. Is it dying? Am I dying?


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  1. bhOndOO writes midsem. « iisc life. Says:

    […] just showing Shami a star falling from the sky, when suddenly a cat came from nowhere, jumped, and bit bhOndOO’s left ear. bhOndOO forgot the star and Shami, and got up to realize that he had got […]

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