reactions of profs when mobile rings.

Thanks to Dilip, a discussion with whom generated the idea of this story. Professors have very varied and sometimes very nasty reactions when a student’s mobile starts ringing in the lecture. Of course, as a professor, you would be annoyed, if you are deriving max-flow == min-cut relation, and suddenly you hear Kaanta lagaa.

  • Professor P1 ignores the tune and continues teaching.
  • Professor P2 waits, minorly to let the student silence his mobile, and majorly, to find out the student whose mobile rang.
  • Professor P3 waits and looks angrily at the student.
  • Professor P4 says, “Please switch it off.”.
  • Professor P5, in anger, throws a chalk outside the window.
  • Professor P6, throws a chalk towards the student.
  • Professor P7 says, “Take that damn mobile out of the class.”.
  • Professor P8 says, “Hey you, get out of my class.”.
  • Professor P9 leaves the class.
  • Professor P10 says, “Oh! What a nice tune! If the mobile is ringing, it must be an important call. Come on take it. Lecture can wait.”.

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5 Responses to “reactions of profs when mobile rings.”

  1. nikunj Says:

    on professor p10 : how can we share the call with the class, if its a personal one… 🙂

  2. iisc Says:

    Nikunj, now that is really a problematic scenario. But if it is from someone ‘personal’, she would know your class-timings also, what say?

  3. karthik Says:

    abbe nikunj, tu 🙂

    veryyy good..

    Our prof will definitely be interested in listenin to the personal call,..ryt??

    Needless to say, wonderful blog again 🙂

  4. iisc Says:

    Thanks a lot, Karthik. Such encouragements are very well welcome.

  5. prachee Says:

    Good 🙂 And I almost imagined which prof will act which way 😛 … though last one could be difficult…

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