reasons to (not) meet advisor.

bhOndOO has following reasons not to meet his advisor:

  • I was busy with Centenary Conference related issues.
  • Sir saw me in the lab, now I can go to Gymkhana and play Carrom.
  • I met him on Monday and today is only Friday!
  • I will meet him after my experiments start giving results, and for that … I need to implement first.
  • He is on leave! Hurrey!
  • He came back just yesterday from leave, why should I disturb him? He must be getting resettled.
  • Anyway, I am going to meet him next week.

bhOndOO has following reasons to meet the advisor:

  • I need to get my scholarship bill signed.
  • Sir saw me in restaurant Nesara, I must meet him now.
  • Next month, I need to renew my scholarship for the next year. I should meet him regularly now.
  • It’s been a month since I met him.
  • When today he saw me in tea-board, he did not recognize me! He must have forgotten how I look.

What are your reasons?


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