results of centenary contest.

The Centenary Contest also came to an end along with the Centenary Conference. The winner is Pradeesha. She cracked the clues very fast. Pradeesha, you are welcome for the treat any time.

It is worth mentioning that Kiran was the first one to crack the first clue — but he did not come out with the answers to the others.

So, here are the answers. All the clues are anagrams of various departments in IISc.

rectilinear negligence == electrical engineering.

rectilinear negligence == electrical engineering.

mad man reattempts ethic == mathematics department.

mad man reattempts ethic == mathematics department.

inaccurate documentation poems == computer science and automation.

inaccurate documentation poems == computer science and automation.

publication misery slouch == molecular biophysics unit.

publication misery slouch == molecular biophysics unit.

There are some more:

electrical conscience forgoes == centre for ecological sciences.

her symbiotic == biochemistry.

cardiology biology limb clone == microbiology and cell biology.

simultaneous policy birch == impossible chaotic unruly == molecular biophysics unit.

accelerates nearer mirths == characterless marine tree == materials research center.

chromatic syringe == its merry coaching == reaching icy storm == organic chemistry.

carpeted myth spins == print escaped myths == my charted snippets == practised pen myths == physics department.

tempt machinated master == attachments amid temper == chairman attempts meted == pettiest madam merchant == mathematics department.
asthmatic me == matematics.

careering intelligence == electrical engineering.

nut terminations == nominate intrust == remnant tuitions == intern mutations == tournaments in it == in tenant tourism == instrumentation.

countermen outpost academician == paranoiac uncounted committees == accentuated manure composition == nonacademic costume reputation == unaccompanied autonomic street == autocracies patented communion == resume contaminated occupation == autocrats communication deepen == computer science and automation.



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2 Responses to “results of centenary contest.”

  1. Kiran Tikare Says:

    Congrats to Pradeesha. And Thanks Bhondoo.

    Sorry i was not able to update about the other answers, first one i answered as i am from Electronics background and during my Engg days i used to search for anagrams.

    And Due to Mumbai attacks my mind was not supporting me to do any thing. I registered a website (Akhanda Bharat – United India) & worked on adding Forum ( to website where people can share ideas & action steps to be taken to bring back the glorious days of India.
    Every sunday like minded people are meeting near Mahatma Gandhi Statue, M.G Road and having discussions to come up with plan of action.

    I request you and your readers to share ideas and take actions on things which are directly under their control.

    “Jai Hind”


  2. SachiN (Bloggeratti Incredibulous) Says:


    p.s: anagrams are a bit of a drag these days. LOL

    by the way congrats to the winner,

    and hey happy new Year to all of you guys at the editorial team of

    and here is my way to wish u guys and BhoOndo of course a happy new year

    i hope to see more awesome stories from one of my fav blogs

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