akhanda bharat.

Akhanda Bharat.

Akhanda Bharat.

One of the readers of iisc life, Kiran Tikare has launched a website called Akhanda Bharat (United India).

This is what the site mentions.

True genius of India lies in dreams of its people, wellness of its people, security of its people. If any body questions us, If any body challenges us, If any body tries to divide us, we will show them, that nobody can divide us.

You are requested to check out the forum for ideas and discussions on how to improve India.

Also check out a previous post on iisc life talking about a non-profit organization named kiva, on request of one of the readers.

If you wish to see a website featured on this blog, please comment back. bhOndOO will create a separate post for it.


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One Response to “akhanda bharat.”

  1. Kiran Says:

    Thanks for writing about Akhanda Bharat on your blog.

    It’s almost one month since the Mumbai attacks, and again most of the people have forgotten about it and those who remember are thinking that nothing can be done and stopped expressing their views and anger.

    And there are reports of some lawyers from Mumbai planning to defend Kasab,Indian Govts inept actions, China not pressurizing Pakistan, Gordon Browns announcement of 6 million pounds to Pakistan, Pakistan’s denial of Kasab’s Pak origin’s, Pak asking proof for Pakistan based elements (is it to erase all traces from its soil?) etc…..What happened to us?

    I Really felt bad about it. The lies which we are telling for ourselves to be happy will cost us heavily. This time it is very difficult for India, attacks from within and outside at the same time.

    But people who still feel their blood boil should be ready to fight for India
    ,this time it must me something different, we must make some difference.

    Jai Hind

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