voices bulletins and magazine.

Courtesy Voices, we have PDFs of all the daily bulletins and the Voices magazine during the Centenary Conference.

Two entries from this blog were featured in the magazine: phd resolutions and coffee with shami.

Daily bulletins: Dec 13, Dec 14, Dec 15, Dec 16, Dec 16 – second issue.
The magazine: 100 enLIGHTening YEARS.

It is worth noting how Voices team worked for coming out with daily bulletins. The last issue contains their schedule which is copied below.

The genesis of Voices Bulletins.
08:30 Reach room 203 of Management Studies.
09:00 Attend Keynotes. Open the Voices stall.
10:00 Attend Panel Discussions. Shoot photos.
13:00 Lunch.
14:00 Run for parallel Divisional Workshops.
17:00 Take written notes to room 203. Start typing.
21:00 Dinner.
22:00 Play pranks with team mates.
23:00 Edit written articles. Select photos.
02:00 Start layout with Adobe InDesign.
05:00 Send InDesign file to the press. Sleep. Dream.
08:00 Get awakened by team mates.
08:30 Reach room 203 of Management Studies.

By the way, an eleist is a person who talks about himself in third person.


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