work done during paper submission.

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Disadvantages of postponement of paper submission deadline:

  • It gives a big blow to your plans of going on vacation, watching movie, enjoying trek, or simply sleeping peacefully.
  • Your boss wants you to do more work in 3 days than what you did in last six months.
  • You need to do so much work in 3 days that it reduces your chances of having another paper soon.
  • Your boss comes to know what all you have not done.
  • It increases the chances of nightouts, frustrations, last minute updates, missing lunches, avoiding gymkhana, ignoring movie-plans and of your boss finally declaring, “Let’s withdraw it.”.

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  1. the drunkard autodriver. « iisc life. Says:

    […] alone for the night show at a theatre on M G Road. He was not bothered about which movie, after the long paper submission. He was so much tired of the work done that he would not mind even if the theatre projected a […]

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