bhOndOO celebrates valentine’s day.

And this one is yet another in the series of by friends. Onkar seems to be in full swing. Looking at the poem in this story, I think he is in Love, but he denies.

bhOndOO entered the premises of Advanced Computing Ltd and headed straight for his cubicle in the Performance Analysis section. Today he walked rather fast and never looked anywhere else, especially towards Shami’s cubicle in the HR section. Today was the Valentine’s day and he had a right to be nervous. He wanted to tell Shami what she meant for him but like any geek, he could never muster courage.

He sat on the chair in his cubicle and switched on his PC. Like any geek, he should have opened his mailbox first. But today even his Team-Lead’s mails didn’t mean anything to him, and the usual technical support forum mails never meant anything to him. He just fiddled with mouse, adjusted the speakers, again fiddled with mouse and then switched off the PC.

He thought and thought and thought. Nothing!, nothing came to his mind. He was numb, dumb and slow. It was as if 64 bit processor was replaced with 8 bit 8085 processor.

“Hey bhOndOO, are you there? Good morning”, he heard Gullu’s voice.

He got up and looked over the wall of his cubicle. Gullu was waving with a gift wrapped in pink paper in his hands. He never wishes me good morning, bhOndOO thought and all of a sudden, 8 bit processor worked magic to give him the answer. Gullu had waved at him only to show the gift to him, definitely meant for Shami.

This is it. bhOndOO decided to go to his closest friend, philosopher and guru. He went straight to BenJi’s cubicle. Hearing the footsteps, BenJi closed few windows with lightening speed. He wanted to retain his spiritually superior status.

Guruji, mujhe bachao! Yeh shishya aapke sharan me aaya hai!
Vats bhOndOO, daro mat, apne man ki baat saaf-saaf kaho.” bhOndOO told BenJi his troubles.

“Ok, child, I got your problems. The root of problem is your high G.Q. i.e. Geekiness Quotient. And this cant be done away with because one is born with G.Q., woh toh bhagwaan ki den hoti hai. Because of high G.Q., you can neither give her rose, nor gift her some smart greeting, nor ask her for a coffee which could have been indicative. In fact you cannot even hope to talk to her on your own on Valentine’s day. This is all fault of high G.Q.”

“Then what should I do, soothsayer? Please show me the light”.

“Yes, there is a solution. You must write a poem for her and post it anonymous. Post it before the noon. If you have it in your destiny, she will know that you have written it. Remember NOT to mention your name. It can make the girl coming to your cubicle and the geeks won’t be able to handle the pressure of further consequences on Valentine’s day. Put the letter in the incoming letter box of office so that it quickly gets delivered to her. One more thing, nobody should see you near the letter box. Don’t ask me why. Reason is limited, faith is not. Keep faith in me. May the almighty bless you!”.

bhOndOO bowed to BenJi and walked to his cubicle.

He thought and thought and thought. Things started working for him. With a flash of inspiration he wrote few lines and drew a heart around it. Then he carefully put it in an envelope and wrote “Shami, HR Section, ACL” as address. He looked at the watch. It showed 11:59 a.m. Only one minute for noon!

He ran towards the office letter box. It was three passages away. He quickly passed first two passages and.. Wham Bam! He had failed to notice that the floor of the third passage was wet because it was mopped few moments ago by the sweeper. He started searching for his spectacles. It was below the couch but now it had only right glass. He put on the spectacles and looked at the watch. It showed 12:01 a.m. Listless, he started searching for the envelope which he never found.

Somebody else found it.

It had flown around the corner of the third passage and came to rest in second passage outside the meeting hall. Shami, having just slept through the meeting, came out of the hall and saw a letter lying on the ground and a glass beside it. Gem of a soul, she picked the glass and the letter herself instead of calling the office attendant. To her surprise, she found that the letter was addressed to her. It had a heart drawn with following lines in it:

Your beauty is like Einstein’s relativity
even the sun-rays bend towards you while passing by

Your innocence is like Ramanujan’s conjecture
the truth of which the world can only hope to guess

Your smile is like Boltzmann’s entropy
the radiance of which never ever decreases

Your presence is like Godel’s incompleteness theorem
without which I can never hope to be complete
without which I can never hope to be complete…

She heard footsteps. She quickly hid the letter in her notebook.

“h.. hi…, did you find a let… no, no.. a glass?” bhOndOO stood near the corner with one-glass-spectacles.
“Oh, yes, here it is, d.. d.. dear!” Shami gave him the glass and tightened grip on her notebook. bhOndOO pondered on the word ‘dear’ but soon discarded the usage as one of the many phrases that girls have habit of saying.

It was not. Not at least in Shami’s case.

bhOndOO never found the letter. Someone else had found it. As BenJi had said, if you have it in your destiny, she will know that you have written it.

A suggestion to all the readers of iisc life: if you are in Love, go tell your girl/boy-friend today. Don’t worry about the result, you would feel happy to have done your job. Life is short, Enjoy it. Best Wishes from bhOndOO.


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9 Responses to “bhOndOO celebrates valentine’s day.”

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  2. Vamsi Says:

    But how does one know if he/she is in “true” love ??

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  4. punefoodie Says:

    gr8 really interesting character

  5. Japan Dave Says:

    Awesome………….. Really Awesome………….. m speechless…….. especially in case of poem…….. Hats off to u mate….. I dont know who are you Mr. Bhondoo…………. But really awesome….. May god keep your bond strong like Hydrogen Floride……….

  6. JONATHAN Says:

    Awesome write-up, really! I really love this time of the year! Valentine’s is just about here.

  7. Balaji Vishwanath Says:

    What can I say. You are unbelievable!

  8. Aparna Iyer Says:

    Awesome.. Simply marvellous !!!

  9. Laundry Bag Says:

    during valentines day, i always give my girlfriend a very warm hug that she enjoys -::

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