student protest in the institute.

A few weeks ago, the institute witnessed a student protest inside campus. Students were agitated with problems like no hot water, no water at all, longer time to finish PhDs, no scholarship after 5th year, etc. The decision to hold the protest was taken by the Students’ Council at the General Body Meeting (GBM).

As decided, students gathered at the Students’ Council (SC) office at 10:00. Most of the students were novice to the idea of a student protest. Some were excited, some were nervous, some were there just to accompany friends. The SC chairman Guddu briefed the excited students about the issues and the code of conduct. Guddu looked fresh, despite having gone through a nightout to prepare posters/banners and to think of slogans. The banners were distributed.

Our bhOndOO is generally unaware of all sins in the world. Whistling Hum aapki aankhon mein is dil ko basaa de to, thinking of Shami, he was paddling merrily towards the department. As he passed by the SC office, he saw a large crowd of students shouting something. He wondered, Students seem to have a problem with the SC.

bhOndOO had not yet witnessed a free-style fight and was very keen on observing one. Such situations are very probable to have such a fight. Let me spend some time watching the mob, bhOndOO thought, got down from his bicycle and letting it lean against his belly for support, stood beside the council, facing the backs of the students.

Within a few seconds of shouting, someone at the front of the mob asked Guddu, “What if the security oppose us?”. bhOndOO being away, could not hear it. Some people started shouting at the question — perhaps trying to answer, but bhOndOO thought that he missed an important piece in the drama. He got restless, This is probably the only time in my life that I am witnessing a probable free-style and I am not even able to get the complete picture! This is ridiculous! He took the bicycle on the other side of the road, parked it, locked it, tossed the key into his left trouser-pocket, came back and entered the mob to hear everything clearly.

While Guddu was answering and trying to pacify the shouting crowd, bhOndOO tried to find his way through the mob, witnessing friction directly proportional to his mass. He knew that he should not be at the front, hence stopped just behind a student in the front row. He could hear everything now.

“This is a silent protest. We do not get indulged into any violent activities like breaking something or getting in fight with someone. We simply shout our slogans. Come on, Humse jo takraega…“.

Mitti mein mil jayega…“, the mob got excited.

The non-violent step taken by the SC chairman disappointed bhOndOO. He realized that it was not a mob shouting against SC, but they all were united. He cursed himself for taking so many pains to cross the crowd and turned to go back to get his bicycle.

Guddu shouted, “Let’s go.” and everyone turned and started walking outside the SC office premises. bhOndOO could not find a way out immediately and had to walk along with them for a few steps until library.

“Gali gali mein shor hai…”.
“Ballu chor hai.”.

bhOndOO struggled to find a way out. He managed to collide with a healthy boy, stepped on the foot of another boy, and while falling almost embraced a girl in the crowd. Apologizing to everyone, finally, bhOndOO managed to reach the corner. As he was trying to escape, he saw his advisor, Prof Krishnamurthy standing on the other side of the road. bhOndOO, not wanting to be seen with the hooligans, entered the crowd again and regained his breath. “Man! That was close!”, he breathed a sigh of relief.

bhOndOO continued with the crowd until BioChemistry department. One of his friends in the crowd, Babla, tried to hand-over a banner to bhOndOO, but bhOndOO skillfully denied it. bhOndOO looked around to see that his advisor was not present. As he was thinking of moving to a side to escape, a giant student came to him and roared, “Dam nahi hai?


He banged his fist on bhOndOO’s chest thrice, continuing, “Dam nahi hai kya? Come on, shout with me. Inkilaab…“.

Zindabaad“, junta around shouted. bhOndOO stood speechless terrified.

The giant looked at bhOndOO with blood red eyes, “Come on shout! Inkilaab…“.

Zindabaad“, bhOndOO murmured as if he was having candle-light dinner with Shami.

“How will your voice reach the administration? Loudly, Inkilaab…“.

Zindabaad“, bhOndOO raised voice.

“Shout from your stomach. Inkilaab…“.

Zindabaad“, bhOndOO shouted.



I did not know it is so enjoyable, bhOndOO thought, Let me try it for some more time. He continued his uproar. He knew that he was secure amongst the group. He forgot about his bicycle and continued with the crowd.

At tea-board, bhOndOO was amongst the first ones who wanted to throw away chairs. But Guddu refrained them from doing so. They shouted against tea-board for some time and went further.

bhOndOO continued shouting, “Students union…”.
Zindabaad.”, students supported.
“Students union…”.
“Students union.”.

bhOndOO’s roar suddenly came to a hard stop when he saw the mob passing by CSA department. I don’t want to get seen by any professor. He hid himself in the center of the mob. The mob was going with its own speed, but bhOndOO felt that it was taking ages to cross CSA.

Suddenly, he realized that professors were watching the student crowd from their office windows on the first floor. bhOndOO dreaded. He thought of sitting down on the road to not get seen, but it wasn’t a viable idea. The researcher mind in bhOndOO searched for options and a brilliant idea struck him. He looked around to see Babla, grabbed the banner from him and held it such that his face would not be visible to the professors. Babla kept wondering about the sudden change of behavior.

bhOndOO realized that the professors were smiling, not to see bhOndOO’s hideout, but perhaps to remember their own student life.

The mob went ahead and bhOndOO finally realized the importance of banners in protests.

The morcha then visited some other departments and finally settled in front of the Main Building. Some students managed to escape, since it was lunch time. The remaining students had a friendly chat with the director in which he promised to solve the issues. The mob dispursed after some time.

bhOndOO grabbed his forsaken bicycle and went to mess for lunch. His heart was still throbbing. He had not only witnessed a student protest, but had also actively participated in it. Despite all that, he was clean in the eyes of CSA professors and especially his advisor. bhOndOO smiled to himself in appreciation and said, “bhOndOO, you are b-O-n-d.”.

The next day, bhOndOO got up early after a nice dream where he was a hollywood actor surrounded by fans. He had early breakfast and came to the department. As he entered CSA office for signing the muster, the staff madam asked him, “You were in the protest.”.

bhOndOO missed a pulse. The sentence did not sound like a question, but more like an allegation. Did she see me yesterday? If she could see me, other professors may have also seen! No, no it is not possible. The banner was big enough.

bhOndOO looked up from the muster and made an innocent face without speaking a word.

“See.”, and she showed the newspaper with an article on student protest accompanied by a photo where bhOndOO was prominently shouting, “Inkilaab…“.


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One Response to “student protest in the institute.”

  1. MJ Says:

    Haha!!! good one 🙂 well i participated in it out of curiosity but forgive me for saying this.. it was real fun!!

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