bhOndOO arranges veena recital.

bhOndOO was hiding himself big time these days. No, not from his advisor, but from Dr Ajay, a faculty member. Come on, what you are saying! bhOndOO did not puncture his bicycle, nor did he leak the Program Analysis paper found one hour before the exam near the dust-bin. He was hiding because Dr Ajay was looking for volunteers for a forthcoming conference FSSTCS/APLAS of which he was the organizing committee member.

bhOndOO chose the following alternatives until the conference was over:

  • He stopped going to the first floor, where faculty have their offices.
  • He stopped attending seminars that Dr Ajay would possibly attend.
  • He started parking his bicycle in Instrumentation department.

But as you know by now, bhOndOO is good at calamities. While going to the tea-board one fine afternoon, he saw Dr Ajay coming from front. bhOndOO first thought of running back to the department, but then, he wanted to eat a potato bun badly. He knew what to do: he looked down towards the road and continued walking, with expressions suggesting that he was solving the most difficult problem in the history of IISc.

Unfortunately, Dr Ajay was an alumnus of IISc and he precisely knew what bhOndOO was doing.


“Yes, Sir.”, bhOndOO had to look up, giving away making history.

“Are you around next month?”.

“Yes, Sir.”, bhOndOO could not lie.

“Can you help me organize FSTTCS/APLAS?”, Dr Ajay’s yorker.

“Ummm…, Sir, … actually I am a bit busy with my research…”, bhOndOO tried to hit a six (By the way, this appeared in T10L. You don’t know what T10L is? It is Top 10 Lies of the year).

“Don’t worry, I will talk to Prof Krishnamurthy.”, Dr Ajay clean bowled bhOndOO.

“Okay, Sir.”, bhOndOO returned to the pavilion.

For the first time in his lifetime, bhOndOO disliked a potato bun.

bhOndOO was given the responsibility of arranging a Veena Recital by an eminent troupe in Bangalore. The troupe constituted of a lady singer and Veena player, who had received Padmashree Award. She was accompanied by two artistes, one playing Mrudangam and the other playing Tabla. bhOndOO exchanged several emails with the troupe, got their biodata, and arranged for their travel.

The music program was arranged on the second evening of the conference. All the delegates, involving IISc students, faculty, people from other institutes across the country and several foreigners were eagerly waiting for the program. Some of the foreigners were interested in knowing the Indian culture, while some of them were waiting for the booze to follow the Veena recital.

The hall was full, the excitement was paramount, the discussions never ending.

“When are the performers coming?”, Dr Ajay asked bhOndOO.
“They are on their way. They will be here in 10 minutes.”, bhOndOO was prompt.

Dr Ajay nodded and announced to the gathering that the program would start in 15 minutes.

bhOndOO was feeling lighter. While other volunteers had to continue working for another day, bhOndOO’s work was almost done. Seated beside a foreign delegate, he kept looking at the grand hall, the guests and the bar.

Suddenly, the foreigner beside bhOndOO looked at bhOndOO, smiled and asked, “Hi. What is a Veena?”.

bhOndOO was not prepared to answer the question and he kept wondering what to tell, “Veena… is an instrument… that one plays.”.

The foreigner in his 40s kept looking expectantly.

“It is a big instrument.”.

The expectant look continued.

“It is made of wood.”.

“Wood? I see. Is it a flute?”.

bhOndOO felt an anti-climatic emotion. He was explaining something very big and the foreigner could only reach a flute!

bhOndOO tried further, “No, it is not a flute. A flute is like a pipe, with several holes along the length of the rod. Compared to that, a Veena has no holes. In fact, it has two big bulbs at either ends and they are connected by a big rod with wires running parallel to the rod.”.

“So it has two parts, one is the wooden part constituted by the rod and the bulbs, and another is the metallic part constituted by the wires, correct?”

“Correct!”, bhOndOO got happy.

“But how do you connect these two parts?”.

bhOndOO’s happy face turned to a gloomy one. He was on the verge of getting frustrated, but he tried to keep his cool. What the hell! I am the one who arranged the Veena program and I am not able to make a delegate imagine what a Veena is! Shame on me! He shrugged and accepted the challenge.

“These are not two very different parts. The wires are attached to hooks on either side of the rod.”.

The foreigner showed a sparkle of understanding and he asked with excitement, “Is it a guitar?”.

bhOndOO was experiencing the same helplessness as he did last time while describing what an auto is and kept wondering why the foreigner could not think big about anything in India. He tried, “No, no. It is not a guitar. But it is very similar to guitar. It is also played using hands. But it is played using only one hand.”.

“Oh! Only one hand!”, and the foreigner tried hard to put all his physics to work, imagined something, shrugged and bounced back, “It must be interesting to see how the Veena would be hung from the performer’s neck and how the performer would play it with one hand.”.

bhOndOO was thunderstruck to realize the foreigner’s imagination, “No, no. It is not hung from the performer’s neck. It is kept either vertically or horizontally on the floor. It is very heavy.”, bhOndOO raised his eyebrows, threw his hands in air and tried to make a face to show the foreigner that the Veena is a very very heavy instrument. The foreigner, instead, looked at bhOndOO’s belly and seemed to have convinced himself.

“I see.”, and the foreigner decided to wait for 10 more minutes rather than giving a chance to his imagination.

Within minutes, the troupe arrived, the function started and after the Veena recital got over, bhOndOO was seen dozing himself off with a complete bottle of wine later.


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One Response to “bhOndOO arranges veena recital.”

  1. Krupa Says:

    Ha ha .. lol.. can’t stop laughing at this: “It must be interesting to see how the Veena would be hung from the performer’s neck and how the performer would play it with one hand.”.:) 🙂

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