bhOndOO getting famous.

Today, I saw two letters displayed on Students’ Council’s notice board in C mess. The letters were written by two IISc students who were not happy with the working of Voices. Interesting thing to note is that both the letters mentioned bhOndOO! Looks like they are not happy with bhOndOO in general and his tete-a-tete with J N Tata in particular.

I am happy that they are giving publicity to bhOndOO. Thanks to both the students and the Students’ Council.


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4 Responses to “bhOndOO getting famous.”

  1. Arun Says:

    Is this a cheap self-publicity stunt by Mr. Bhondoo himself? Tell the truth, it was you who put up the notices, right?


  2. Aditya Says:

    Dude waiting for yet another bhOndOO and shami post.

  3. Cederash Says:

    Как по мне – тема раскрыта четко, спасибо за пост!

  4. sachin Bloggerati Incredibulous Says:


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