birdwatching: part 2.

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“That’s Ploceus philippinus, commonly called Baya Weaver!”.
“Wow! I am seeing it for the first time!”.
“Look, there!”.
“Dicaeum agile, common name, Thickbilled Flowerpecker.”.
“Hey, let me take a snap.”.

Mungi looked back and almost ordered bhOndOO to walk fast upto her. bhOndOO managed his way through grass and dark. She asked for the second heavy bag. bhOndOO happily handed it over to her. She opened it and bhOndOO saw two cameras, two big lenses, and one tripod inside. No wonder it was heavy, bhOndOO thought.

Mungi attached and adjusted the lens. The atmosphere was calm. All of them were silent and could hear their own breathing voices. Mungi gave herself the support of a tree, focussed the lens on the Baya Weaver, and just before pressing the button, someone started shouting, “Aah!”.

Both the birds flew away. Disappointed, Siddhu and the four birds looked angrily at bhOndOO. bhOndOO was dancing.

“What happened? Why are you dancing? We missed a great shot because of you idiot!”.
“What can I do? There are red ants all around my legs and they are biting me.”.
“Who told you to wear slippers? You should have worn shoes!”.
“Nobody told me.”.
“You are stupid!”.

Getting idioms like idiot and stupid was not new to bhOndOO. But Siddhu calling him that way in front of four girls hurt his ego.

“Okay. Then I am leaving.”.

Bhengi was the first one to realize the after-effects. She ran forward and held bhOndOO’s hand!

“Hey, bhOndOO! Don’t feel bad. We are all on a group activity. Small quarrels like this should not separate us.”.

bhOndOO did not really listen. No, no! Not because he was angry. He was actually too much into the thought of his hand held by the Eve. The way Bhengi said the last part “… this should not separate us.” with her smiling eyes running to and fro from herself to bhOndOO made bhOndOO stop. When he came back to senses, he managed, looking at Siddhu, “Okay. But be careful next time.”.

It was 06:00 and an elderly person jogged by looking at the scene: a boy and a girl in a bush, boy’s hand held by the girl. The elderly person did not see the remaining bird-watchers due to another bush.

Bhengi’s attempt worked. bhOndOO was still a coolie.

Over a couple of more hours, they found some more birds: Nectarinia asiatica, Zosterops palpebrosa, Estrilda amandava, Chloropsis cochinchinensis and Aegithina tiphia. Red ants spared the group to take photos.

“It’s a brilliant morning!”, Mungi exclaimed looking at the just risen sun.
“Indeed.”, bhOndOO breathed in the warmth.

The environment was very pleasant. Sunrays were piercing through the tree-covers to reach the ground. The greenary was lush, after the night rains. Chilly breeze was playing with the leaves. Strange but rhythmic sounds of birds were adding mystery to the atmosphere.

They all waited for a few seconds enjoying the beauty of the nature. Then suddenly, Siddhu shouted, “Girls, how about a photo here?”.
“Wonderful idea. Let’s have a photo.”.

The coolie was transformed into a photographer. He had to click the photo of Siddhu surrounded by four girls on that romantic morning. Unfortunately, the photography session did not stop there. They all wanted to have solo photos, then photo session continued with pairs, then triplets, then in quadraples. While clicking, bhOndOO was silently realizing the practical usage of Pascal’s Triangle and Binomial Coefficients, calculating 5C1 + 5C2 + 5C3 + 5C4 + 5C5.

By the time, the final photo was clicked, bhOndOO’s face had turned gloomy. Bhengi realized it again and not to lose the coolie, muttered something in Siddhu’s ears. Siddhu, suddenly, ran towards bhOndOO and snatched away the camera. “Hey bhOndOO, why don’t you stand with the girls. I will take a photo.”.

bhOndOO’s sleepy eyes suddenly glistened like the golden sunrays. A shy smile appeared on his face. He looked at Siddhu as if pardoning all his sins. He then almost ran towards the congragation of ladies. The roots of a tree that had come out of the uneven ground fooled him and he stumbled and fell on ground, his strong spects intact once again. A chorus giggle and a laugh did not hurt him as much as the thought that the stumbling signified danger.

But bhOndOO’s lady-luck was at the extreme that morning. He was given a support by eight fair hands to get up. bhOndOO forgot the danger sign and joined them for a photo.

An elderly person passed by on his scooter with his daughter to drop her to school, and saw a boy standing with a smile surrounded by four girls.

Kabini came to the rescue operation called Hunger. Despite bhOndOO’s insistence, Siddhu paid the bill. It was Rs.50. bhOndOO was utterly surprised and came the conclusion: Siddhu is not really as bad as I used to think.

Post breakfast, they spotted some more birds: Alauda guglula, Riparia riparia and Hirundo concolor. bhOndOO continued as a coolie.

For lunch, they decided to go to Nesara. The wandering had increased their appetites. They ordered several dishes and were still not full after finishing everything. bhOndOO enjoyed the food very much, but more he enjoyed was the gossipping at the table. The girls seemed to be knowing about all boys on campus and Siddhu shared his knowledge about girls. bhOndOO thought for a while and could not be certain that he knew Shami. He continued listening.

After finishing lunch, the waiter arrived and put the bill at the center of the table. Girls paying when two boys were present was out of question. bhOndOO and Siddhu exchanged looks. Siddhu had a mocking smile in his eyes. The grand realization of why Siddhu was so keen on paying for breakfast prevailed upon bhOndOO. It was bhOndOO’s turn now. It was a check-mate. Before bhOndOO could ask Siddhu about sharing the bill 50-50, they all stood up and started leaving. bhOndOO had to pay Rs.800 and came the conclusion: Siddhu is not really as bad as I used to think, he is much worse.

The 4-in-1 combo restarted joyously while the coolie started thinking about how many days were remaining for the next scholarship.

Read part 3.


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  2. pranav Says:

    nice, post next one a little bit later. let me enjoy this again:P

    ‘his strong spects intact once again’


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