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tips for iisc new joinees.

Jul 22, 2009

Anaska has compiled a very useful list of tips for students joining this year. It goes from how to reach IISc to banking facilities to hostel accommodation. Check it out.

And here’s the page having some useful links related to IISc.


freedom of a cartoonist.

Jul 14, 2009

A few weeks ago, we had a discussion within the Voices team, the IISc newsletter, regarding the role of a cartoon and the freedom of a cartoonist. I feel a lot of it applies to any piece of humour. One response I liked very much was from Maneesh, which with his permission, I am noting below. Thanks Maneesh.

I honestly believe that it is the duty of the cartoonist to stretch a point in order to make a point. A cartoonist can well hide behind the shield of “humour” when cornered unlawfully and that is the biggest weapon in the cartoonist’s armoury.

When articles are written, they cannot always include hearsay or what is a part of common public knowledge/ folk-wisdom but cannot/ will not be confirmed or denied. then an article can be called ill-researched, bigoted, partial, distorted, etc, etc. But the cartoonist can… Because that is exactly what the public is thinking. though this may not always stand to scrutiny in a court of law for various reasons, legal or corrupt. And this very fact deters anyone from taking action against a cartoonist inspite of a lot of the content bordering on the politically-incorrect so long as it isn’t outright libellious.

There are of course limits to how far a line can be crossed, some notable examples being the case over the Prophet’s cartoons in the netherlands last year or the ‘barack obama as jihadist’ cover on time (or some other) magazine, also last year and the latest ‘barak obama-chimp’ cartoon. The included link has quite a nice article on this: Incendiary Satire Has a Dangerous Past.

The point of this mini-sermon is that a cartoonist should not really worry about ruffling feathers, especially in a context as neutral as a university. A case in point being which dared to talk about advisors and commitees as well. And was taken in the right spirit worldwide… A fine step in this direction was the picture of the guy taking a picture of the girl in the protest in the last cartoon because, face it, a lot of people take part in protests purely to be seen or because it allows them licensed hooliganism. I remember that some concerns were raised on the tone of this cartoon and the appropriateness so I bring this up now.

technical life.

Jul 14, 2009

bhOndOO is born: bhOndOO boots, his_parents->headache += C.

bhOndOO’s birthday: ++bhOndOO.

bhOndOO goes to school: average chaos at home -= C, average chaos at school += C.

bhOndOO joins for PhD: phdqueue.insert(bhOndOO); assert(bhOndOO->phdduration >= 7); prof_krishnamurthy->headache += C.

Semester starts: ls | grep beauty > /dev/mind.

bhOndOO asks a girl to go with him: segmentation fault.

The girl’s boy-friend gives a big blow to bhOndOO’s face: core dumped.

“This girl is not getting impressed by me. Let me try another.”: Alt+Tab.

Someone is waiting for bhOndOO: priority inversion.

Gullu: bug.

Gullu behaving nicely with bhOndOO: trap.

Shami with Gullu rather than with bhOndOO: synchronization primitives failed.

bhOndOO speaks, people (don’t) listen: cat bhOndOO > /dev/null.

bhOndOO thinks about his research: Bad command or file name.

bhOndOO clears Perspective Seminar: alpha testing over.

bhOndOO clears Comprehensive Exam: beta testing over.

bhOndOO gives colloquium: integration testing over.

bhOndOO defends thesis: code is customer-ready.

bhOndOO becomes Dr bhOndOO: program installed successfully, prof_krishnamurthy->headache -= C.

Another idea to impress Shami fails: kill 420.

“Shami, I love you.”: “Shami, my mind pointer points to you and its dereference set contains only one element.”.

Shami finally accepts bhOndOO rather than Gullu: Chrome OS kills Windows.

bhOndOO marries Shami: atomic {

bhOndOO->spouse = shami;

shami->spouse = bhOndOO;


Shami gives birth to a baby girl: Shami forks.

Shami and bhOndOO live happily everafter: All locks are in place. The operating system runs forever without any synchronization issues.

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