at nandi hills: part 1.

First, apologies for a delayed post. I was on vacation to attend to two sweet people in my life. I have added a few points to bhOndOO clears compre, which I believe would be useful to some of the readers.

After bhOndOO’s last attempt at proposing, some of you have shown curiosity towards whether bhOndOO and Shami went to Nandi Hills. Here is what happened.

Friday night. bhOndOO in front of his soul mate — the mirror. This time he is not practising, but cursing his alter ego for the last failed attempt.

“I am not going to listen to you this time. I am going to handle it all alone!”, bhOndOO tells his alter ego. The alter ego does not respond.

The next morning of his life is going to be at Nandi Hills, with his life-companion, Shami. But she is going to become the life-companion only when bhOndOO proposes. “Tomorrow is the day.”, bhOndOO utters.

bhOndOO has borrowed his senior’s motor-bike to take Shami to Nandi Hills and he is very excited about it. This is going to be the first time when a girl is going to sit behind him on a bike. He has also set the alarm for 07:00.

Lying on his bed, bhOndOO thinks of various options to propose. He does not think so much even during his research work. However, in both cases, the end result is the same — no ideas. bhOndOO tries for two complete hours without a result. Exhausted, bhOndOO does not understand when he falls asleep.

bhOndOO dreams of Shami and himself walking over the Nandi Hills, with a chilly breeze focing the corner of her dupatta to touch bhOndOO’s wrist, bhOndOO, like a gentleman, kneeling down, softly holding Shami’s hand and proposing her, Shami accepting him as her only Adam with a tearful smile, and then both of them joyously singing the song, “Ke kaala kawwa kaant khayega, Sach bol, Ke kaala kawwa kaant khayega…“.

What the hell!, bhOndOO wonders in sleep and gets up to see Kaala Kawwa Gullu’s call on his mobile. bhOndOO looks at the watch: 02:30.

“Hell?”, bhOndOO inadvertantly speaks truth.

“Hello, bhOndOO?”.

“Ya Gullu.”.

“We all are going for a picnic tomorrow morning at 08:00, just after breakfast. Are you coming?”.


“Please man!”.

bhOndOO does not believe that Gullu is requesting him, but he is firm, “No.”.

“It will be fun.”.

“No.”, and bhOndOO turns to disconnect the call.

“… But Shami is coming…”, Gullu throws the googly.

bhOndOO cannot respond. How can she go for another picnic when she has agreed to come with me? She cannot decieve me. Gullu is a liar.

What did you say?”.

“I said Shami is coming. Everyone is coming except you. We have made all the arrangements. We are going on our bikes in the morning and coming back in the night.”.

“Where are you going?”.

“Nandi Hills.”.

Now bhOndOO understands why Shami agreed to accompany. He keeps cursing his luck, Gullu and all other friends to have chosen the same day and venue for the picnic.

“So, are you coming?”.

“Yes, I am coming.”.

“Great! See you in the mess at 07:30. We have to leave at 08:00.”.

Gullu disconnects the call. bhOndOO keeps looking at the mobile display, wondering, But why is Gullu insisting so much for me? What has he to get out of it? I cannot think of anything. Perhaps he is not as bad as I believe him to be. Perhaps he is a good boy. Perhaps tomorrow is going to be a start of new friendship. That’s good. That’s really good.

bhOndOO sleeps again and dreams again and proposes again and just before they start singing, the alarm promptly brings him back to reality.

bhOndOO gets up, gets ready, looks at his alter ego in the mirror, bids adieu, and marches towards the mess. Everyone is already at the breakfast table, but bhOndOO notices only one of them. The only one smiles and the smile speaks more than what bhOndOO can understand.

Everyone greets bhOndOO. bhOndOO joins them with his eatables.

After finishing breakfast, everyone comes out and starts walking towards the parking area. Lili, suddenly, “Oh! I forgot my windcheater. Guys, please wait for me, I will come in a minute.” and stout Lili runs towards her hostel. The scene can be well described by a football rolling down.

bhOndOO does not want any surprises on the way, so he tells the group, “I will get air filled in the tyres by the time Lili comes back.” and drives towards the cycle-shop.

bhOndOO’s excitement is at ultimatum. Shami seated behind me on the same bike!, the thought itself is more playful than the cool breeze of the morning. At the cycle-shop, bhOndOO witnesses an unbathed, aged person looking at him with a smile. When bhOndOO comes out of Shami’s thoughts, he dreads and utters, “Good morning, Sir.”.

Prof Krishnamurthy, his advisor, wishes him in return. As he gets his bicycle tyres air-filled, he turns towards bhOndOO and in an exuberant tone, “bhOndOO, last night I got an idea of how we can enumerate the points-to pairs. Shall we talk about it for a minute?”.

bhOndOO is not at all in the mood of research. He calculates the risk of Shami getting seated at some other bike, within one minute. The actual arguments “Why did I come to the cycle-shop!“, “Why did I choose this advisor!“, “Why did I join for PhD!“, get transformed into the formal arguments, “Sure, Sir.”, “Of course, Sir.”, “We can talk at length, Sir.”.

While the boy in the cycle-shop is pumping air into bhOndOO’s bike, Prof Krishnamurthy takes out a folded paper and a pen from his shirt’s pocket. bhOndOO notices that a few diagrams and words are already on the paper. Sir seems to have thought a lot about it., he concludes.

The advisor keeps explaining his idea and bhOndOO keeps nodding without listening. Full time, he is thinking about Shami getting stolen by another biker.

“Did you get it?”.

“Yes, Sir.”.

“Let’s implement it then.”.

“Now?”, bhOndOO’s question.

“No, no. Let’s think some more over the weekend. The implementation can start from Monday then.”.

“Sure, Sir.”, bhOndOO simply wants to go.


“Okay, Sir.” and bhOndOO turns his bike to go.


“Yes, Sir?”.

“Do you want to keep this paper with you?”.

“Oh! Sure, Sir.” and bhOndOO tosses the folded paper into his shirt’s pocket.

Finally, he gets to leave the cycle-shop. And as you expected, at the hostel parking, bhOndOO sees Shami on Kaala Kawwa‘s bike. All other boy-girl pairs already setup with stout Lili eagerly awaiting for her chauffeur. bhOndOO looks at Shami, her eyes suggesting that Gullu must have forced her a lot. bhOndOO looks at smiling Gullu and decides to take revenge sometime.

All bikes start. They leave IISc gate for Nandi Hills.

“Why did you take so much time for filling air?”, Lili asked bhOndOO.

“I met my advisor.”.


“But tell me, what would you have done had I not come back? There is no other bike!”, bhOndOO asked boasting off.

“I knew you would come back. I have full faith in you…”.

bhOndOO smiles.

“… That is why Gullu forced you to come — we were falling short of one bike.”.

Read part 2.


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