technical life.

bhOndOO is born: bhOndOO boots, his_parents->headache += C.

bhOndOO’s birthday: ++bhOndOO.

bhOndOO goes to school: average chaos at home -= C, average chaos at school += C.

bhOndOO joins for PhD: phdqueue.insert(bhOndOO); assert(bhOndOO->phdduration >= 7); prof_krishnamurthy->headache += C.

Semester starts: ls | grep beauty > /dev/mind.

bhOndOO asks a girl to go with him: segmentation fault.

The girl’s boy-friend gives a big blow to bhOndOO’s face: core dumped.

“This girl is not getting impressed by me. Let me try another.”: Alt+Tab.

Someone is waiting for bhOndOO: priority inversion.

Gullu: bug.

Gullu behaving nicely with bhOndOO: trap.

Shami with Gullu rather than with bhOndOO: synchronization primitives failed.

bhOndOO speaks, people (don’t) listen: cat bhOndOO > /dev/null.

bhOndOO thinks about his research: Bad command or file name.

bhOndOO clears Perspective Seminar: alpha testing over.

bhOndOO clears Comprehensive Exam: beta testing over.

bhOndOO gives colloquium: integration testing over.

bhOndOO defends thesis: code is customer-ready.

bhOndOO becomes Dr bhOndOO: program installed successfully, prof_krishnamurthy->headache -= C.

Another idea to impress Shami fails: kill 420.

“Shami, I love you.”: “Shami, my mind pointer points to you and its dereference set contains only one element.”.

Shami finally accepts bhOndOO rather than Gullu: Chrome OS kills Windows.

bhOndOO marries Shami: atomic {

bhOndOO->spouse = shami;

shami->spouse = bhOndOO;


Shami gives birth to a baby girl: Shami forks.

Shami and bhOndOO live happily everafter: All locks are in place. The operating system runs forever without any synchronization issues.

Suggest your ideas. Also check out research life.


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9 Responses to “technical life.”

  1. Arnab Says:

    shami forks! lol!!!
    and of course atomicity in important 🙂

  2. dileep Says:

    Does that mean bhondoo comes to end. Like “the end” in the movies. Come on!! , You cant do that to bhondoo. I am a big fan of him. Though I never write comments in your blog,this one forced me to do so. Please dont stop writing about bhondoo. He is almost my hero.

  3. Japan Dave Says:

    Ya pls dont make end of BhOndOO

  4. iisc Says:

    Don’t worry Dileep and Japan. bhOndOO is not ending any soon. Although, as of now, I plan to end it with his PhD.

  5. vadhana Says:

    hi, I don’t know u much, just that we have the same family tree (IISc); but exercising those rights to comment – where do u get such funny names: bhOndOO, Shami, Gullu, bhengi.. nice.. even i coin such sort of names.. but exclusively for my pet.

  6. iisc Says:

    Vadhana, I have explanation for some names in this comment.

  7. vadhana Says:

    Nice.. rather than using modern names like raghav, trisha.. kind, these really add a little humor – really nice – I think u must be childlike in nature, because i also coin such names (randomly) – it may be associated with scientists’ or mathematicians’ names and give a very special accent while calling…:) fo u have any plans of opening a community or group, Fans of bhOndOO – I will definitely join 😀

  8. Aparna Says:

    ROFL… shami forks!

  9. Aparna Says:

    ROFL.. shami forks! 😀

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