“fresh” experience.

Thanks to Subhajit for this story.

Date: Aug 03, 2009.

bhOndOO looked at his punctured bicycle in the parking lot and noticed a sticker on it. bhOndOO bent down, adjusted his falling spects, and started reading it: If this bicycle is not claimed at the security office before Aug 05, 2009, then it will be taken into custody by the Security. — Students’ Council.”.

“What the hell!”, bhOndOO murmured, tore off the sticker and threw it into the sideby dustbin, “This bicycle has been here for 3 months now and nothing happened. Now, who are they to tell me how I should use my bicycle!”.

He entered the department to witness several new fresh faces. The faces were looking around with wide curious eyes. They were all freshers.

bhOndOO entered the Computing Lab and saw a few more fresh faces. He grabbed his seat, logged in and started checking emails. As CSA, Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail and Rediffmail offered him a beautiful colored message: “No new emails.”, bhOndOO got frustrated and shifted to Orkut. He had no new scraps or friend requests — but then there was Shami’s scrapbook.

Who is this Jojo? Why does he scrap her so often? Let me see his profile.

Oh! Jojo is married :)! May God bless him. Who is this beautiful girl in his friend list? Let me see her profile.

“Excuse me?”, a sudden boyish voice startled the engrossed bhOndOO.

“???”, bhOndOO looked back and while looking back, managed to press the key-sequence he had learnt the hard-way: Alt+Tab.

“Can you tell me how to take printouts?”, the fresh voice asked.

“What is your email id?”, only bhOndOO can ask such questions at such places.


“What is your email id?”, bhOndOO was confident that he was asking the right question.


A chord was struck in bhOndOO’s mind. He must be the same Jojo I was checking the profile of. bhOndOO felt jealous that he was Shami’s friend.

“Okay. I will mail you a link at which the procedure to take printouts is given.”.

“Oh! Thanks.”.

“No problem.”.

And the fresher turned to leave. bhOndOO, through the corner of his eye, saw that the fresher turned more than 180 degrees. Bewildered, bhOndOO looked back to see that the fresher actually made a 360 degrees turn to look back at bhOndOO.


“Are you… bhOndOO?”.

bhOndOO was amazed. I did not know that I was so famous! A smile appeared on bhOndOO’s face, that lasted only for a while.

“Yes.”, bhOndOO nodded.

“So you are the same bhOndOO on whom bhOndOO can’t dance saala was written!”.

The smile was abruptly replaced with an anguish look. The look explained to the fresher that he should make a 180 degree turn.

bhOndOO, fuming less over Gullu’s song and more on Jojo, kept thinking about ways to take revenge on Jojo. However, his eyes fell on the Alt+
bed profile of the beautiful girl and bhOndOO’s mind changed: Let me be practical. I cannot handle even one enemy, let me not add one more. bhOndOO patted himself for making a practically sound decision, sent the printer-usage link to Jojo and continued surfing Orkut joyously.

After reading scrapbooks of 12 people and visiting 20 profiles, bhOndOO remembered that he is a research student. I should do some experiments on Pointer Analysis, he told himself. He looked at his watch: 15:30. This is too late to start experiments. I will have to leave within an hour for tiffin.

bhOndOO kept looking at the watch for 8 seconds. He then shrugged, took a deep breathe, and made a serious face to solve the decision problem: No, I will not visit Orkut. Instead, I will read blogs for the next hour.

Date: Sep 03, 2009.

bhOndOO was walking from mess to the department post-lunch. He was in a merry mood, singing Suhana safar aur ye mausam haseen, hamein dar hai hum kho na jaye kahin. The song got interrupted at the sight of a familiar face that passed by him on a bicycle. But bhOndOO could not identify who the face belonged to. Who is this? I have seen him somewhere? Where? Where?

bhOndOO was scratching his head when his ears gave him the clue: the person on the bicycle was whistling Pappu can’t dance saala. bhOndOO, at once, realized: This is Jojo.

bhOndOO’s thinking about Jojo continued, I haven’t seen him much in the department. Perhaps he does not attend classes regularly. He must be sleeping a lot in his room. That’s why he has grown so fat. Look at his belly! With so much weight, he is finding it so difficult to cycle. It is almost a torture for the poor bicycle. The bicycle… what? This is my bicycle!

bhOndOO’s involuntary action system made him run behind Jojo and stop his bicycle by pulling the carrier. Jojo got frightened to see a sudden stop of his bicycle and almost fell down when he saw a fat adam perspiring heavily.


“… Huff… You… Huff… you are… Huff…”.


“… Huff… Why are you riding my … ?” and his look at the bicycle made his question clear.

“Your bicycle? What the hell! I bought it.”.

“How can you… buy it when… I didn’t sell it… Huff.”, bhOndOO’s logical question.

“I bought it from the Students’ Council.”.

“Who is Students’ Council to sell my bicycle?”.

“They do it via Bicycle Drive.”.

“Bicycle Drive is a way to trouble students?”.

“No, it is a part of their social initiatives.”.

“They have social initiatives to steal bicycles?”.

“No. They said that they had put up a notice on your bicycle for claiming it.”.

bhOndOO remembered the sticker he threw away into the dustbin.

“I don’t know that. I want my bicycle back.”.

“I cannot give it. This is my bicycle now.”.

“You take your money back from Students’ Council and buy a new one. I want my bicycle back.”.

“But…”, Jojo hesitated.


“But I have repaired the bicycle. I spent money on it to add a mudguard, to oil it and to repair its brakes.”.

bhOndOO was realizing that he was in a soup. But he did not want Jojo to take a “free ride”.

“Who told you to spend money on someone else’s bicycle. You have done a mistake and you must follow the consequences.”.

Jojo got agitated.

“See, bhOndOO, this is my bicycle. I bought it from Students’ Council. Your bicycle was taken away by them. Then why are you talking to me? Go talk to Students’ Council.”.

“Ummm…”, bhOndOO did not find a logical counter-argument. Further, Jojo’s angry look made him take his hand away from the so-long-grabbed carrier. Jojo paddled away.

bhOndOO knew that it was his mistake and he was afraid of arguing with the Council. Instead, he added Jojo to his enemy list.


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2 Responses to ““fresh” experience.”

  1. hotel-murah Says:

    Nice story to read 🙂

  2. BiGYaN Says:

    After reading this piece, I searched my GMail account for ur printer-how-to email. Thankfully it was marked 5th August !!

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