happy birthday, bhOndOO.

bhOndOO is two today. While number of hits is steadily progressing to touch the sixth digit, the enthusiasm readers are showing is the real success of this blog. In fact, on the first and the second day of the new batch (August 2009), I was asked by two freshers, “Are you the one who write iisc life?” — followed by, not beating, but praise. A few days ago when I was introduced to a MGMT alumnus, he exclaimed, “Oh! bhOndOO!”.

Compared to the first birthday, research life reached its top position. Another significant feat is achieved by iisc bloggers which seems to be the highly visited page. Here are the top 10 posts of this blog along with their number of views.

research life. 5,501
bangalore bomb blasts of july 2008. 3,632
john abraham and eco-friendly jeans! 3,535
iisc bloggers. 2,787
phd resolutions. 2,420
marc faber’s comment on us economy. 1,711
symptoms of being in love. 1,412
innovative wedding invitation. 1,404
scholarship hike in iisc. 1,105
the bet on orkut profile views. 1,103

I wish to thank all of you for this wonderful journey. We have some more time left until bhOndOO becomes Dr bhOndOO — hopefully.

Have Fun.


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8 Responses to “happy birthday, bhOndOO.”

  1. mithraasmi Says:

    Thanks for all the fun stuff bhOndOO. when i saw this blog in search results for IISc i had thought it will be a very serious blog. But it was a pleasant anticlimax. reading your blog is a very good stress buster. keep blogging bhOndOO πŸ™‚ because each post is a pot of joy waiting to create happiness in the life of reraders!

  2. vinay Says:

    May your research adventures provide more and more reasons for others to enjoy a smile or two as they read about it from you πŸ™‚

  3. arun Says:

    happy birthday [:)]

  4. Mukta Says:

    just thought i would let you know tht my mom reads this blog and is impressed by it πŸ™‚ so way to go bhOndOO! and wish you many more really happy birthdays too! and a fast track to becoming Dr.bhOndOO.

  5. Vikrant Says:

    Happy Birthday Bhondoo…. U r simply awesome…

  6. pranav Says:

    belated happy b’day!

    keep it on.

  7. BiGYaN Says:

    I thought it this blog was pretty famous.

    I was looking for some info about “life at IISc” and found this in google. I am sure there are a lot of your fans in my batch.

  8. iisc Says:

    Bigyan, I will be glad if there are bhOndOO’s fans in your batch. However, I don’t think this blog is “pretty famous”, or even “famous”. It is just that some of you read it and a subset of them like it.

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