multi-story building.

No, there is no spelling mistake in the title. The idea is to have some more fun and let readers be part of the fun. I will start a story and write a few sentences, but will not end it. Any reader who wishes to take it forward will comment the next part of the story — without ending it. And the process continues. When does the story reach an end? Perhaps never. Let’s keep the fun rolling.

The most important rule is: the part you add should have some humour element. So, here it goes.

bhOndOO and Shami were walking across the lush green Jubilee Park holding each other’s hands. Bangalore weather was gold-sunny after a drizzle. bhOndOO could smell the wonderful aroma of the soil. A beautiful rainbow appeared across the horizon. The atmosphere could be well described using a single word: romantic. Suddenly, bhOndOO stopped walking and looked straight into the eyes of Shami. Shami’s smiling eyes met those of bhOndOO and she lost herself. The next instant, bhOndOO started singing Twist and Shami started dancing with him. Unfortunately, bhOndOO lost balance and fell on the green grass. When he got up, he found the atmosphere stinking. He also realized that the grass was grey. When he came to senses, he realized that he had fallen from his bed.

The reason behind the dream was the broadcast about Love Aaj Kal being screened by IISc Movie Club. I must not lose this opportunity. This is my chance to have some private time with Shami, bhOndOO thought. He dialed Shami’s number. The ring went on, but Shami did not answer the call. bhOndOO waited till his phone displayed Call ended. He got restless. Why didn’t she pick up the phone? Is she angry with me?

And now the ball is in your court.

Update: Thanks to Prof Giridhar Madras for pointing out that this way of creating a story is a called Tandem Writing. I got this idea after reading the book on crowdsourcing by Jeff Howe.


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5 Responses to “multi-story building.”

  1. Arun Says:

    bhOndOO continued to have such negative reflections until ten minutes later … his phone rang trnnng trnnng. His mobile said “Shami calling”. With trembling hands, bhOndOO managed to lift his phone and said “hello”.
    A nightingale’s voice from the other end said, “Hi, bhOndOO. You called?”
    “Hi, Shami. Tomorrow, Love Aaj Kal is being screened in the gymkhana. Would you like to watch it with me?”, asked bhOndOO, his stomach writhing as though it was full of live snakes.
    “Ummm.. well.. actually I have already seen it in the movie hall. Sorry, bhOndOO.”
    “Oh, well. Never mind”, bhOndOO said cursing his luck; his heart heavy and stomach now full of hard rocks.
    On a sudden inspiration, bhOndOO lied, “Actually, even I have watched the movie before. I just wanted to watch it again…”, after a pause, “with you.” The last two words were added very softly, hoping that they went unheard. His stomach was back in its original condition. Moreover, the snakes now seemed to have started dancing in his interiors.
    There was silence on the phone. bhOndOO’s thought processes were as follows : “Had she heard? Is she angry? Will I lose the minimal friendship I have with her? Should I say sorry straight away?”


  2. vinay Says:

    Even as these and many more such thoughts kept raging inside bhOndOO, there was absolute silence on the phone. bhOndOO wasn’t sure what would follow. He waited for Shami’s response anxiously. The two words, ‘with you’ kept ringing over and over again in bhOndOO’s ears, as if they had been shouted with all affection and intensity into an echoing valley, with Shami on his side. ”No no”, bhOndOO’s mind retorted. “As if a subroutine had implemented the echo in a loop just for Shami to see the output”, corrected bhOndOO. “These intellectually deprived beings just simply rinse the romance out of everything by taking everything to lofty peaks and misty valleys”, his mind complained before returning back to his romantic subroutine and the lovely loop within. “How, in this world, did I muster any strength to say that?”, he wondered amazed and astonished. He held the mobile phone closely pressed to one of his ears and closed the other with a finger to keep out any external disturbances. He did not want to miss Shami’s response. For once, the ‘most wonderful!’ SPICE network became the messenger of love for bhOndOO. He wondered if the dwindling network signals could hold on for just a few more seconds of judgement and the final verdict, and so ardently wished they would. He had already carried out a statistical study linking the network strength to a place in his room and quickly opened the distribution graph of the same on his laptop screen. Within a few more anxious moments, he was standing with one leg on his study table and another on a window bar and face pressed against the wall above the window, where, supposedly, the signal strength was the best as per the graph. “Where was Shami’s response? Is she going to say something or not?”, his mind struggled to find the answer. After a few more seconds of straining and balancing, he finally heard his name being called out, “bhOndOO! bhOndOO!” But wait! The voice wasn’t Shami’s. In fact it was Gullu calling him from below his window, with an amused look on his face. Shami was standing next to him with a perplexed look herself. bhOndOO checked his mobile phone. Damn! He had ran out of charge in his mobile phone!..and luck again! Perspiring profusely and breathing heavily out of excitement, bhOndOO got down from his weird position. Gullu shouted again, “bhOndOO, we have a request for you…”……

  3. Sunil Says:

    Gull said ” We have actually planned a weekend trip to Jog falls. Would you .. I mean , Only if you wish ,, Would you like to join ?? ” . Gull said it as though he would not be interested to see bhOndOO in the trip. Now bhOndOO got confused and started to look in despair and disappointment at Shami . He looked at Shami and said “Are you going too .. Shami ?? ” .
    “Of course , bhOndOO , we are all going , now you too have to come with us ” , replied Shami.
    “Oh, forget about Love Aaj Kal .. we can watch it anytime.” said Shami.
    Now that bhOndOO got disappointed and is not in any mood to think about his chances to impress Shami , he said “No Shami , you guys go. I have to finish some assignments and some of my experiments were pending” .
    Gullu looked glorified at bhOndOO’s response and said, “Great. Let’s go Shami , we will to pack our bags!!”
    Now, bhOndOO started walking back to his hostel and then suddenly an idea struck his mind !!!

  4. Arun Says:

    bhOndOO sprinted back to the nightingale (Shami) and the snake (Gullu) and after catching his breath, managed to say, “Actually, I will join too.”
    The snake gave him a venomous stare and asked coldly, “What about your experiments? Your guide is very strict. You shouldn’t delay them.”
    bhOndOO not to be cowed, replied, “You don’t worry about them. I will manage after coming back.”
    The nightingale intervened, “Yes, bhOndOO, you are most welcome.”
    The snake sullenly subsided, while bhOndOO’s heart leapt with joy. “Now I will show her my true worth”, he thought.

    Six of them packed their bags and left for Jog Falls in a Qualis. Two of them, the nightingale and the snake in front with the driver, three in the middle who all were sleeping, and bhOndOO keeping a suspicious watch on the front two, left alone with his murderous thoughts at the back. After a number of jerks which upset his stomach and after watching the snake and the nightingale whispering together which upset his heart and mind; Ghonchu decided he had had enough.

    He startled everyone by saying, “Gullu (you snake!), the back seat is very uncomfortable and jerky. Would you please exchange seats with me for the next hour?”

    The snake stared back at him, nonplussed, as though a rat in his path had coldly looked back at him and asked him to show some table manners.

    bhOndOO awaited the snake’s response with baited breath.

  5. vinay Says:

    The snake uttered a seething ‘Yes (hiss)!’ The driver stopped the Qualis for both of them to cross over and exchange seats. Shami took the window seat while bhOndOO slid in clumsily near the driver.

    The journey resumed. The snake named Gullu and the other three sleeping, unconcerned people were soon forgotten. bhOndOO now had Shami by his side and the space spanning them got redefined, in his mind, as the only significant space of existence. He was already feeling so excited, anxious and still awkward sitting beside his Shami, that he wondered how the next one hour would be.

    “Err..Sha..Shami!..Are you comfortable Shami?” he asked shifting and squeezing himself to give her more space.

    “Hun? Why, yes! I am absolutely comfortable bhOndOO. You can sit easy”, she said with an acknowledging smile on her face. bhOndOO felt like a flower had bloomed upon him and he reciprocated with a rather shy smile before taking his eyes off her.

    It was pitch dark outside and millions of stars shone bright along with the crescent of moon in the cloudless sky above. On the side, Shami was looking out of the window and the wind gushing in was sending a few of her hair strands in frenetic waves. bhOndOO felt a chill and a strange tingy gush running through his structure. ‘Like a strong current passing through me’, bhOndOO said to himself.

    “What? Did you say something bhOndOO”, asked Shami pushing back her hair.

    “What! No, nothing…I was just…”,muttered bhOndOO even as his voice faded under his breath.

    “Are you feeling cold? You seem to be shivering slightly”, Shami enquired.

    bhOndOO shook his head and added hesitantly, “I…no..I am fine”.

    “No. Look at you. You don’t seem ok”, Shami expressed her concern and held out her warm hand to bhOndOO’s cold one. bhOndOO felt as if he was suddenly going down the Silver Oak Marg slope and his bicycle had suddenly gained some wind behind it. He clutched Shami’s hand and felt his heart singing, ‘Hawa ke saath saath…Ghataa ke sang sang…O Saathi challlll…!!!’

    And even when the song were begging to continue he heard a sharp horn (‘It must be Gullu from behind on his bike to spoil all the romance’, he felt). bhOndOO started getting shaken till he was finally awake, still holding the driver’s hand on the gear. The driver, shocked and exasperated, shouted at bhOndOO, “Saab uthiye, haath chodiye! Gaadi kaise chalau mein!?”.

    Everybody was giggling away at bhOndOO. Gullu reminded, “bhOndOO, your hour is over”.

    ‘I shall show you Gullu ke bacche. Let the Jog falls come’, bhOndOO thought in his mind.

    By early morning they reached the Jog falls and…..

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