research students’ feedback.

Some months ago, there was a students’ protest in campus. The demands included hostel problems, fees issues and longer PhD duration. As a repurcussion, some (I am not sure whether all) departments were asked by the director to conduct meetings with students to get their feedback. The feedback was to include department specific as well as the institute related concerns, which would be tackled by the appropriate authorities.

CSA research students (MSc+PhD) were asked to attend a meeting with emphasis on “compulsory to attend”. The meeting was held on Apr 04, 2009 in CEDT Conference Hall where students cribbed and gave suggestions for improvement. They were promised that each of the grievances would be answered within six months.

Post-meeting, some student and faculty committees were formed to take care of certain departmental issues, like increasing library timings, etc. However I am not aware what happened next. One observation is that students are very good at cribbing, but when it comes to taking a responsibility for a task, hardly anybody comes forward.

If my calculations are correct, six months ended on Oct 04, 2009 and if CSA mail server is working fine, then I haven’t received any mail regarding an answer.

Here is the complete list of feedback items.

Update: Some improvements happening. The toilets in CSA are under renovation. There is a divisional workshop organized. CSA wiki is up, although not functional. Some more efforts are underway.


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One Response to “research students’ feedback.”

  1. jb Says:

    It seems the link to “complete list of feedback items” is dead (atleast for me). clweb got screwed over by serc? 🙂

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