shortlisted phd candidates.

Tentative list of shortlisted candidates for admission to CSA of mid-year phd programme is here. The final list will be announced soon.


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23 Responses to “shortlisted phd candidates.”

  1. Thriveni Says:

    I was called by EC department for Phd interview in IISC on 26th Nov, 2009.
    I want to know the results. Can you please send me the list of shortlisted candidates in EC department?

  2. iisc Says:

    Thriveni, the results of ECE department are not out yet. Please keep checking its website for the news.

  3. ee Says:


  4. Thriveni Says:

    I was not selected for phd. They did not inform about the interview on time. I got the call letter just 2 days before interview. I did not have much time to prepare. When I complained about it, they told me that i should have checked the IISc portal two weeks before the scheduled interview date. Anyway, I have learned my lesson.

  5. iisc Says:

    Hey Thriveni, sad to hear that. I remember when I applied, I was informed by email. Not sure why they did not do it this time. But don’t feel disappointed. You have a chance every six months. Go for it. Best wishes.

  6. Amit Says:


    The interviews for the Research-leading-to-phd programs are held from 7-11th June for the shortlisted candidates. How long does it take for the post-interview final result list to be made public?

  7. iisc Says:

    Amit, typically it is done within a week, mostly in 2-3 days.

  8. Amit Says:

    Many thanks!

  9. Bhuvana Says:

    I need to know the topics to be prepared for PHD interview at IISC CSA department

  10. Ashwini Shankar Patankar Says:

    what is the average selection percentage for PhD ? how many appears and how many got selected?

  11. natya Says:

    i have an interview on 31st of may for integrated PhD program in biological sciences. any suggestions to what topics should be studied?

  12. mamata gore Says:

    i have an entrance exam on 25th of april for research in physical sciences.any information about result?

  13. yogi Says:

    i have attended interview in 3 dept . How long does it take for iisc to announce the interview final result list to be?

  14. Rajat Misra Says:

    I would like to know frankly what are the chances of my being selected for admission for PhD program at IISc in Computer Dept.
    I am from North India. I am not an Iyer nor do I know Telugu.

  15. iisc Says:

    Rajat, I am not an Iyer and I do not know Telugu. I am from north India. I got an admission for the PhD program at IISc in the Department of Computer Science and Automation.

  16. Saurabh Says:

    I m Saurabh a MCA student n want 2 do ph.d in CSA from IISc i m also preparing for UGC NET JRF so please tell me what preparation should i do? for written n interview also provide me d sample paper of written…

  17. pari Says:

    I am called for interview for Ph.D at Electronics System Engg. department on 4th june 2013. Can I see the total list of candidates called for interview..

  18. pkj Says:

    @pari hi i have also applied for the Ph.D at your mentioned department but i didn’t get call letter now. can you tell me which date you have got the call letter?

  19. pari Says:

    i have received it on 14th of may….

  20. pkj Says:

    @pari sorry for being personal but can i know that on what basis you have applied for Ph.D program (e.g. M.Tech or GATE score) and also does your application status got changed in the iisc portal?

  21. pari Says:

    based on M.Tech.
    yes my application status got changed. It included the interview call letter

  22. pkj Says:

    ok thanks for your information…

  23. ABHIJEET Says:

    hello sir

    can anyone tell me that how many students apply for phd in particular department .?

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