when your lover gets married.

This is for JK, who wrote the following in his comment on symptoms of being in love a while ago.

I really want to know what are bhOndOO’s views on “When your Lover gets married”.

I again consulted bhOndOO and he came up with the following symptoms. I had expected a humorous response, but the symptoms have taken a mostly serious turn.

When your lover gets married,

  • first you cry a lot, and then you start enjoying life.
  • initially, you feel jealous of her spouse. Later, you feel compassionate.
  • you feel like ending your life, some of us try it. Those who succeed at the attempt, leave others in sorrow; those who don’t, get good wives.
  • she asks you to continue to be her friend, and you feel it to be an offer of demotion.
  • when she gives you the marriage card, you almost feel like getting slapped.
  • you manage to find several reasons for not attending her marriage. Strangely, nobody asks for them.
  • when you meet her after the marriage, howsoever moody, comic, tragic, serious, mawali, heroic, charming, notorious you are, you behave like a perfect gentleman.
  • when you meet her children, you are watchful whether the children call you Chacha (paternal uncle) or Mama (maternal uncle).
  • when you see her name on your mobile display, your mind goes through a complete era before picking up the call.
  • when you receive an email from her, you look for all the reasons for not replying.
  • suddenly Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm stops outputting a path that goes via her hostel/house.
  • the frequency of your friends asking you to go for a movie/picnic/trek suddenly increases and that of you agreeing suddenly reduces.
  • when you both are attending the same function, you make sure you are at the farthest point from where she is.
  • you try several times to delete the folder of her emails and fail miserably every time. You succeed, when your marriage gets decided.
  • you don’t want to get drunk in front of your wife, because you are unsure what you would speak.
  • if your wife does not know her, you make all the attempts for them not to get introduced to each other.
  • you start sympathizing with the movie actor, howsoever stupid he might be, who does not get the heroine in a love triangle.
  • despite hard attempts, you cannot forget her mobile number.
  • if you have to pay for her coffee, she does not make any attempt to pay you back.
  • your favorite singer changes from Mohammad Rafi to Kishore Kumar or from Kishore Kumar to Mukesh.
  • you try for an hour to compose a mail on her birthday and cannot decide whether to start with “Dear”. You end up not mailing her.
  • despite what happens, you never hate her.

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9 Responses to “when your lover gets married.”

  1. Jk Says:

    Hmmm… Bit profound. I really expected a much funnier response. The last one is however a Trump thrown in. Looks like bhOndOO is getting serious in life.

    Not sure how others feel, but please tell bhOndOO to be not this serious over such a silly matter. After all being much too serious just kills the joy of living.

  2. Jk Says:

    Btw, I forgot to Thank bhOndOO for thinking over this and replying. It surely made my day 🙂

  3. Balaji Vishwanath Says:

    🙂 I can’t wait for bhOndOO to grow up. It will help us know the lighter side of every stage in life.

  4. pranav Says:

    @ when you meet her children, you are watchful whether the children call you Chacha (paternal uncle) or Mama (maternal uncle).


  5. Balaji Vishwanath Says:

    @pranav: I second that!

  6. mankuTimma Says:

    @Balaji: I third that!! 😀
    Anyways bhOndOO have started following ur articles recently and seriously for a guy like me who has just come out of college it is “highly educative”.. 🙂

  7. vinay Says:

    Again a winner to cap it all!! 🙂
    bhOndOO! Jai ho!
    I wonder if this is true for the other person too, the last point I mean…although ‘not hating’ may not necessarily mean ‘to still love’…

  8. Joker Says:

    You totally read my mind!
    lovely to put it all together..hope this never happens to Bhondoo or its creator! 😀

  9. coffee lovers Says:

    coffee lovers…

    […]when your lover gets married. « iisc life.[…]…

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