bicycle drive t-shirt.

Anaska’s comment on bhOndOO on a bicycle drive triggered this story.

It was 16:15. bhOndOO was restless. He just came to know via iisc.broadcast that the participants of the Bicycle Jatha would get t-shirts which would be distributed at the Students’ Council fifteen minutes later at 16:30.

Why didn’t I go for the Bicycle Jatha! The lizard had already disappeared. I could have reached late and would have been eligible for the t-shirt. Damn! I am a real bhOndOO!

Like a true researcher, bhOndOO started looking for solutions. I want the t-shirt, he declared to himself.

“bhOndOO?”, BenJi questioned.


“Coming to mess for snacks?”.

Psychology suggests that people often push themselves to failure if they know they do not have ability to succeed. For instance, a student who knows that he would not be able to clear a subject will stop studying for the subject. When he fails, he convinces himself that he failed because he did not study — whereas the reality is he would have failed despite studying.

bhOndOO knew he would not be able to solve the problem of t-shirt. Hence he found an escape: “Sure. Let’s go.”.

Both of them left the Computing Lab. While taking out their bicycles, BenJi remarked, “bhOndOO?”.


“We will wait for a minute at the Students’ Council office. I will collect my t-shirt for Bicycle Jatha and we will continue to the mess.”.

The thought bhOndOO had managed to avoid, came back and slapped him on the face.

“You participated in the Bicycle Jatha?”.

“Of course. That is why I am collecting the t-shirt.”.

“Hmm… Okay. Let’s go.”.

On his bicycle, BenJi was humming, “Hui shaam unka khayaal aa gaya…“. bhOndOO was silent — half worried, half depressed.

BenJi continued, “… Wohi gam jise hamne kis kis jatan se nikala tha is dil se door…“.

bhOndOO looked at BenJi in anger. But BenJi was in his full swing.

… Wo chalkar kayamat ki chaal aa gaya…“.

bhOndOO was almost certain that BenJi was singing for him.


Hui shaam… Ya? What?”.

“Did they take a roll-call?”.


“At Cycle Jatha?”.

“No. Why?”.

“I want a t-shirt.”.

“But you didn’t participate in …”.

“I want a t-shirt.”.

BenJi came into the correct mood, “You want to steal the t-shirt?”.

“This should not be called stealing. I will be doing that in front of their eyes.”.

“What if you get caught?”.

“Formula 103. Say sorry, plead, cry and escape.”.

“That sounds impressive. But I am not with you. I will first go and collect my t-shirt and wait outside. You can enter then. I don’t want to risk my hard-earned t-shirt.”.


Both of them approach Students’ Council office. They witness the office  surrounded by students.

Looks like there is some protest going on, bhOndOO.

“Oh! What is this for? I am not aware.”.

“In that case, we will not get our t-shirts today.”, bhOndOO said mockingly.

BenJi did not like the emphasized ‘our‘, “Let me check.”.

BenJi entered the crowd. Soon he came back with a placard containing IISc logo.

“Looks like BenJi is taking part in the protest.”.

“Your turn.”, BenJi came closer.

“I don’t want to take part in the protest.”.

“Oye! This is not protest. Students have gathered to collect their t-shirts. See mine.”.

“Oh! I thought it to be a placard containing some slogan. But this seems to be a CiSTUP t-shirt.”.

“Whatever. I got one t-shirt.”.

“How are they checking if you really took part in the Cycle Jatha?”.

“The Students’ Council General Secretary Guddu and me rode the bicycles together that day. So he knows I was there. He is distributing the t-shirts.”.

“I see.”.

“But if you want the t-shirt, you must hurry. Looking at the crowd, the limited stock of t-shirts may get over soon.”.

“Okay. You wait here. I will go in.”.

bhOndOO jumped down his bicycle, put it on stand, took a deep breathe and followed the battle-field.

bhOndOO was not a skilled warrior like BenJi and thus he did not know how to break the Chakravyuh. He kept getting pushed out by the mob. He also received a big blow on his face, but he could not figure out the source.

This is ridiculous. It almost looks like a ration queue for rice, bhOndOO expressed his disappointing opinion to himself.

Within ten minutes, the crowd dispersed — everyone happy to receive his t-shirt.

People are so greedy!, bhOndOO exclaimed to himself.

When bhOndOO’s turn came, there was only one t-shirt left.


“Sorry, only one XL is remaining.”.

“No problem, I will manage.”.

Guddu handed over the t-shirt to bhOndOO. bhOndOO suppressed all his emotions to appear on the face and turned away.

“Excuse me?”, Guddu stopped him.

bhOndOO knew this would happen. When he received the blow in the crowd, he was certain that something wrong was kept in store. He recollected Formula 103: say sorry, plead, cry and escape, and turned back.

“May I know your name please?”.

“Oh! I am bhOndOO from CSA.”.

“Oh! You are bhOndOO!”.

What bhOndOO did not like was that Guddu looked at him from head to toes as if he was roaming in a zoo. A faint mocking smile appeared on Guddu’s face — probably recollecting some heard bhOndOO-stories. bhOndOO’s ego got hurt and he knew he had to apply Formula 500: take revenge.

Guddu noted down the name and put a full stop indicating a relief from the job done. bhOndOO knew by now that he was safe.

“But how do you make sure that the person who collects a t-shirt also participated in the Cycle Jatha?”. Only bhOndOO can ask such questions at such times.

“Trust.”, Guddu declared while putting his pen in his shirt’s pocket, “We trust people. We are Students’ Council. If we don’t show trust in students, then how can we expect it in return! Any democratic setup must have complete faith in people. It saves one of lot of unnecessary trouble. Trust is the backbone of a healthy democracy. Without trust we cannot progress.”.

“Good. Keep it up. It is due to the people like you that IISc will make a huge impact on the society.”.

Guddu smiled, “Nice meeting you, bhOndOO.”.

“Same here.”.

bhOndOO came out, smiling. BenJi was hiding himself behind a tree — almost ready to run. He was disappointingly surprised to see bhOndOO with the t-shirt without any bruises.

“Oh! How did you manage it.”.


“What do you mean?”.

“You won’t understand. Let’s go to the mess and enjoy the food — before the mess gets privatized.”.


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5 Responses to “bicycle drive t-shirt.”

  1. Jk Says:

    Now thats bhOndOO we know. See I trusted him to be true to his name and I was rewarded.

    Just a P.S: Has bhOndOO watched the ad of Kalyan Jwellers?? Tagline is – Trust – Isn’t that everything!!!

  2. Rush t-shirts Says:

    hahaha! stops laughing… hahahah!

  3. iisc Says:

    JK, I hadn’t. But after your comment, saw it’s Malayalam and Tamil versions.

  4. Caridad Shivley Says:

    For me that sounds interesting, who knows what the future will bring… Lets wait for it…

  5. Jay Buente Says:

    Exceptional, I passed this on to a associate of mine, and he actually bought me lunch because I found this for him, so let me rephrase: Thanks for lunch.

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