internship at iisc: part 2.

I have been receiving lot of hits and comments on internship at iisc. Therefore this post.

Foremost, as a policy, Department of Computer Science and Automation does not allow or encourage internships to outside IISc students (I don’t recollect where I read it and the policy might have changed since then) [Check update below.].

Further, most faculty members do not offer short term (2-3 months) internships. Only if you are interested to spend at least 6 months on a project, would your proposal be considered.

You should check the webpages of faculty in appropriate departments to know whether there is a possibility of summer internship. e.g., Dr. Sathish Vadhiyar from SERC seems to be accepting summer internship applications in February. Do not simply start mailing every faculty member — it will mostly get ignored.

There are other options. Here is an excerpt from Dr. Vijay Natarajan’s homepage.

I may not be able to take students directly as summer interns. I encourage you to apply for a summer fellowship to work in IISc. You can avail of several opportunities: IISc Young Engineering Fellowship Programme, Summer fellowships from Indian Academy of Sciences, KVPY, Summer research fellowship from JNCASR, etc.

Several faculty members have positions for project assistant and project associate. Please look out for the information on their webpages.

Finally, please don’t post your wish for internship on this blog. This is not affiliated to IISc in any official sense.

Update: I learnt that UGC has offered a few grants to conduct Summer Internships this year (2010). Please keep a tab on CSA and IISc webpages for notifications. Check out iisc internships: part 3.


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10 Responses to “internship at iisc: part 2.”

  1. Abhishek Says:

    Why u didn tell me about this earlier.. šŸ˜¦

  2. aman kansal Says:

    is iisc offer any internship program for first year

  3. rajesh Says:

    is there any form for summer internships??

  4. Arjun Sharma Says:

    I am working as software engineer in Bangalore and also pursuing my M.S. from Bits,Pilani which is a Work Integrated program.I am highly interested in doing internship program at IISc and my Area of Research Interest is ā€œPrinciples of Programming and Compilersā€.Please suggest me how I can pursue the opportunity for getting the internship at IISc,as I believe that i am capable enough to accept any type of research challenge that will be provided.


  5. vinay Says:

    sir,i am Vinay doing btech 3rd year in” kalinga institute of industrial technology,bhbaneshwar “in “electronics and telecommunication”3rd year please guide me to the internship of iisc please

  6. iisc Says:

    Check out

  7. pooja Says:

    i am a third year mechanical student.. i am not able 2 get the link of summer internship 2011 regarding my subject.. please help me with it!!!

  8. harisai Says:

    i am very much interested in internship 2011 . i am pursuing my third year in chemical engineering . please guide me

  9. nivedha Says:

    i am a third year bioinformatics student.Is there any fellowship/internship regarding bioinfo in iisc 2012.please tell me .

  10. Kavitha Ramamurthy Says:

    iam a third year biotech engg student.. is there an internship prog in btech this summer?

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