on the verge of frustration.

  1. Someone sends a mail with Saibaba’s photo and asking everyone to send it to at least 20 people to get a good luck. And unknown recipients start doing reply-all! Some of them add 20 more for a double good luck.
  2. Just typed the third mail of the day with contents “:). Don’t bother.” for something I did not like.
  3. Came to know that my name appears in the volunteers list of Miditha in organizing an event — when I never attended any meetings and (on my own) never volunteered for anything.
  4. For CSA Open Day poster, which is going to be sent to colleges in Bangalore, somebody suggested to put my mobile number on the poster!

I think I need tea. Anybody coming to Prakruthi?



8 Responses to “on the verge of frustration.”

  1. :) (my new handle on this blog) Says:

    You’re on. I need some myself.

  2. Vadhana Says:

    Yes, one cannot force a person to volunteer!

    btw, why are u not posting hilarious stuffs these days… r u graduating soon??

  3. iisc Says:

    Vadhana, if I say that I am graduating soon, that would be hilarious. Will post a story soon.

  4. Vadhana Says:

    well, this reminds me of one of my conversations when I was at the height of depression….

    Your graduation will not be hilarious or atleast to me…!
    Rather I am expecting it soon… u know what.. when I perceive good things for others it actually happens… but it’s not the case with me.
    Good luck!

  5. AE Says:

    hah! saibaba stuff, one needs to be really lucky these days not to get one of those.. may be we shud try the saibaba chain-mail and wish to our lucky stars to stop getting those!

  6. v Says:

    @AE: What I meant was different there which “IISc life” would have understood and nothing to do with saibaba stuffs!
    In fact, I haven’t received such forwards till date and I won’t as well…u believe it or not!!

  7. v Says:

    @AE…. kind of misinterpretation on reading ur comments.. thought it was a reply to my comments.. a friend of mine just indicated that it was a reply to the post.. what I have to say.. just a big sorry!

    just had a big luaghter on the way I had commented ABOVE.. 😀

    @iisc life:… hope u don’t block me from posting comments on ur blog!

  8. Swaprava Says:

    I think you need some water before tea. What happened to the Open Day photos btw? Upload to any web album and send us the link 🙂

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