iisc open day: faculty apathy.

While I am a strong believer that IISc students are indifferent to the happenings around, my interactions with faculty members over the years are making me believe that faculty are no different. And let me not talk of exceptions here.

Looks to me that the instructions coming from the administration and the divisional chairmen to the departmental chairmen is making the chairmen showcase their department for the Open Day. This, combined with faculty apathy, is resulting in close to zero or restricted to the self efforts from the faculty members. In CSA department, I see nobody except the chairman working for Open Day. And I hear the same about many other departments on campus. The lab demonstrations and posters are left to the students. Chairmen, joining hands with students, are running the show.

In fact, since classes are suspended, I am unsure whether faculty are considering this as a paid holiday! I heard a faculty member saying, “There will be a lot of crowd, we should keep the [room] doors closed.”. I am sure Open Day is going to disturb their research output.

One of my colleagues pointed out, one MGMT faculty member has arranged a PhD thesis defence on Open Day. I learnt that he was right: check out this broadcast.

This post is not to crib about faculty apathy, but rather to hint them that students can do wonders if only faculty provide some support. Not all students are self-driven. If students can create a stormy fire, faculty are knobs to start and stop it. And it is easier to turn the knob rather than to create a storm. I am not the first one saying this, but I feel disheartened to see a lot of student talent (especially non-academic) going waste only to not have found enough encouragement.

IISc is a place of talent. No wonder we see several cultural bodies on campus. Not all of us rejoin academics for career. Some of us do go into alternate paths. It would be beautiful to see students’ talents being nurtured and harnessed in this wonderous institute. I am sure students, when become alumni, would cherish faculty members equally as they do about this green campus.


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8 Responses to “iisc open day: faculty apathy.”

  1. V Says:

    rightly said! I agree wtih you..Motivation is absolutely necessary. you can also look at Ph D comics how second law of newton is interpreted πŸ˜€
    this post also reminds me of an incident, when a student fed wrong and silly information about me to a Lecturer during my college days.. Although I was focussing on his courses, he was listening to her all the way through and she had been harassing me taking enough advantage of it….!

    So whatever be it, be proud to be an IIScian as we don’t play with our fellow class-mate’s life nor trouble faculty who don’t support us…we are sincere and benevolent!

  2. Jk Says:

    I was very eager and enthusiastic on seeing the post about Open Day and wanted to come over there to see what exactly is happening in this Institution which I have always dreamt of entering. So I was really in grief when some family matters made my travel impossible,this post has now further aggravated it.
    An occasion like this is an opportunity of a lifetime for young ppl like me to understand what it is like to be part of an elite crowd whom we awe and admire. Does being elite also mean that other less capable individuals will not be given opportunity to witness the path-breaking ideas?
    With all due respect to each and every one inside this institution, I believe sharing knowledge allows it to grow and by initiatives like these the respect for the person(s) possessing the knowledge increases.Who else knows it better than Teachers.If the “Guru” fails to show the way then what do you expect from “Shishya”??

  3. sachin (gnome guy) Says:


    i would like to say i attended CSA@Open-day-IISc today, i found it to be very interesting.
    i also got spend some time alone with the chairman who patiently explained many things to me.

    As a final-year undergrad , i think every year CSA@IISC should have an open-day …. because today i really got to know some things you guyz do there.

    i especially liked the interactive session about “opportunities at IISc”, where some of our doubts about the academic programs there were cleared.

    i would like to thank the CSA students of IISc for their wonderful efforts…

  4. Gowri Says:

    It’s really nice you blogged about the Open Day. Please do keep us posted with activities like this which would be of interest to students/ faculty outside of IISc.

    It’s quite sad that little importance is given to publicity and hardly any information is available (not only about events but more so about on-going research on campus and other things like cultural accomplishments by folks on campus) in the public domain (even if something is available, it’s not always easy to spot these announcements). This is true of most institutes in our country, but at least premier institutes like IISc and IIT’s (that have stuff to publish!) ought to take the lead in changing this!

    I chanced upon this post on “… apathy” only a few minutes ago. I would like to note that (whether as a consequence of this post or otherwise), I noticed several professors in a number of labs. I was pleasantly surprised to see some of them taking the time off to explain the demos themselves! In fact, when we walked in, there were no students in the DSP lab; it was the professors themselves who walked us through the work. I was really impressed (given that there were a lot more labs with just students, even undergrads doing all the show-and-tell).

    Anyway, hearty congratulations on the great blog! πŸ™‚

  5. Jk Says:

    Ahaa, looks like the a single blog has done wonders :). I completely take back my words. My bad.

  6. Aadithya C Udupa Says:

    Yes I completely agree with Bhondoo with this regard. But there were exceptions too. Prof. Vijay Natarajan, VGL CSA was there in his room whole day and was freely interacting with students. Students of VGL gave a very good demo of research happening. I wanted to talk to Prof. Vijay and when I approached him, he set aside his work for me and talked to me freely. I am really glad I was present at CSA that day and want to thank profusely all the people who made it happen.

    Kudos to CSA!!

  7. np Says:

    Yes ! Prof vijay Natrajan was amongst the very few profs who had both their minds and doors open for students….
    That select few should be applauded for their work.
    Wat was the reason for such apathy…..? u did’t explain.

    Well, “open midedness” and “self pride” do not fall on the same page……ofcourse with some great exceptions.

  8. carpet cleaner Says:

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