serc account passwords.

I am surprised to see no comments, no followers, no postings about it, although the date of posting seems to be almost a year ago. My brief stint with hacking tells me that the passwords are extracted using a cracker from the encrypted passwords in /etc/passwd file. The rest of the information is simply obtained from finger, perhaps to frighten the unaware readers. The passwords listed are simple ones for such crackers. Seems to be someone insider’s job.

Check out your or your friends’ accounts’ passwords cracked.

If your account is listed, first don’t panic. Second, change the password of all accounts where the password is the one listed. We often have the habit of using the same password for different accounts.

Thanks to Urvang Joshi for sending the link.


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One Response to “serc account passwords.”

  1. pranav Says:

    aah, none of them work.

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