does she love me?

It is a fun to run in the rain from CSA department to Prakruthi just to have hot tea and a piece of pakoda. And after knowing that the pakodas are over, instead of coming back to the department, going to Yesvantpur, getting completely drenched and enjoying the hot onion pakodas. It tastes heaven.

Now, the story.

“What has happened?”, BenJi asked.

“Nothing.”, bhOndOO replied looking down.

“Then why are you looking gloomy?”.

“I am fine.”.

“Your advisor got angry?”.


“Uncle-Auntie are fine?”.




“… Shami?”.

bhOndOO kept silent.

BenJi understood. “She said anything?”.

“That is the problem. She says nothing.”, bhOndOO suddenly spat out his feelings.

BenJi kept silent this time, allowing bhOndOO to continue.

“I have given her many hints. But I don’t know if she… she lov… if she has any feelings for me.”.

“bhOndOO, you don’t understand girls. They are not as expressive in such things as boys are.”.

bhOndOO was interested neither in the philosophy nor in how the philosopher knew it. He simply gave a stern look at BenJi and continued looking down.

“She will take time. Let her take time. This is a decision of a lifetime, it can easily take years.”.

“Do you mean I will have to wait for years with this anxiety?”.

“Did I say that?”, BenJi said smiling.

“Didn’t you mean that!”.

“Well, I didn’t. I simply said that she expressing her feelings explicitly may take time. But that is not to say that you knowing about her feelings would take time.”.

“I am not interested in your riddles right now. Can you be a bit clearer?”, bhOndOO demanded, almost sarcastically.

“Okay. There are many ways to know if she loves you. But I can give you two easy ones.”.

bhOndOO looked up, this time, with gratitude and hope.

BenJi paused to get bhOndOO caught in suspense, and then broke the ice.

“First, she will notice you first wherever you are, even if you are in a group.”.

“How to know that? And do you mean I should go to meet her taking the whole of IISc students with me?”.

“Second, her first reaction to you would be an involuntary smile before she greets you.”.

“Your suggestions are crap! That can as well be with anybody, out of courtesy.”.

“You don’t understand. Okay, let me make it look more practical.”.

bhOndOO waited, without any hopes.

“Say, you call her on mobile, then, when she sees your name on the mobile display before answering, she will first smile, then attempt to control the smile, and then answer the call, as if she is in normal mood.”.

bhOndOO found it making sense. “Okay. That is thought provoking. You mean, from the first reaction of her to see my name on the mobile display, I can figure out what she thinks of me. Right?”.


“But, if I am calling her remotely, how will I see whether she smiles or not?”.

BenJi smiled, without uttering a word, throwing up his eye brows.

A sudden spark appeared in bhOndOO’s eyes. A wide smile followed.

“Man! BenJi, you are a genius! What are you doing in IISc? You mean I will call her from a hideout such that I can see her reaction without she knowing that I am looking at her!”.

BenJi’s smile widened.

“Amazing! BenJi, you are my true friend.”, and bhOndOO embraced BenJi.

The next day, bhOndOO got his bicycle puncture repaired and started walking towards the department. As he crossed Nesara restaurant, he noticed Shami walking with Lili ahead of him towards Kabini canteen. bhOndOO worshipped BenJi in his mind, recollected the mantra, made up his mind and followed them. The ladies duo went to the outside Kabini counter to order the eatables, while bhOndOO hid himself behind trees at the shop opposite to the Hostel Office.

bhOndOO could easily see Shami and Shami did not know that she was getting observed. They ordered Gobi Manchurian and were waiting for the food. bhOndOO knew this was the time.

The pulse rate was on the rise. Should I do it? What would Shami think? Will she get angry? But how will she know?

bhOndOO managed to take out his mobile, unlocked it, went to the called history, and navigated to Shami. As his mobile display highlighted Shami’s name, a faint smile appeared on bhOndOO’s face and he whispered, “I am sorry, Shami. I have to play this trick to know your feelings. Please don’t misunderstand me.”.

bhOndOO pressed the call button. The Airtel network took its time to connect to the mobile that was 100 feet away. Each beep before the ring continued increasing bhOndOO’s pulse rate. As the beep ended and the ring started, bhOndOO’s forehead collected a few droplets of sweat. His legs started trembling. His mind went blank. He did not know what to talk or even do.

But he knew he had to do it, once. At the second ring, he recollected BenJi, controlled himself, and started observing Shami keenly from behind the trees.

100 feet away, the discussion between Shami and Lili got interrupted by a tune of Saathiya. Shami looked at the mobile in her hand and … and … pressed the answer button without any expressions.

bhOndOO was heartbroken. He might be a pessimist researcher, but he was an optimistic lover. Somewhere in his mind he knew she loved him. He had expected her to smile. But the reality was bitter. He declared to himself, She didn’t smile. She doesn’t love me.

The pulse rate came down drastically, bhOndOO became sad and lost all his hope. At that moment, he heard something on the phone and the sadness turned into baffling.

Shami replied, “Walk straight. I am right opposite to you outside Kabini.”.

While eating Gobi Manchurian, bhOndOO was disappointed at his failed attempt. I should have been more careful. I should have been hiding behind a larger tree. Or perhaps I should reduce my tummy.

And he did not remember BenJi’s first suggestion.

Don’t forget to try the mantra! And do post your observations. Best wishes.


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14 Responses to “does she love me?”

  1. Satish Says:

    Very good.

  2. rati Says:

    really nice post…..the bhondoo character u have created is really very good. 🙂

  3. pranav_j Says:

    superb! i had forgotten in d end what was the frst suggestion so had to scroll up nd get surprised..

  4. BiGYaN Says:

    The second one is true indeed. I can personally vouch for that. About the first one: it might be true … will need some experimental observations.

  5. apkmnp Says:

    nice one… 🙂

  6. preeti Says:

    laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed
    very nice

  7. Vamsi Says:


  8. onkar Says:

    Apart from the post, the way it ended was awesssome ! Too good !

  9. vinay Says:

    My oh my!! The flutters refuse to die…hearts all over 🙂

  10. Krupa Says:

    Hey.. This is a nice one!! Good post bhOndOO..:)

  11. Hari Says:

    TOOOOOOOOO good.

  12. Hari Says:

    and the ending… excellllent 🙂

  13. mahi Says:

    i am planning to make a movie on BHONDOO

  14. Palash Says:

    The way it ends

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