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stats and ranks.

May 16, 2010

According to QS Asian University Rankings 2010,

The methodology is mentioned on the website.

  • CSA monthly web statistics here (Courtesy Jagadish Sir).
  • You should see CSA frontpage image randomly changing on every refresh now. If you have some good images of the department/faculty/students, do send those across.


a fake phd thesis?

May 11, 2010
Fake PhD Thesis.

Fake PhD Thesis?

Arnab and I saw the thesis kept (or thrown) beside a bush in front of CSA department. The reasons I felt it to be fake are the following.

  • The title contains a grammatical error of missing “of”.
  • The skeptic in me says that the title is composed of some keywords (which do not appear to be completely random) and the keywords have much less relation with each other to form a unified theory.
  • The logo is of IISc, which also mentions “INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE” whereas the university name mentioned is something other than IISc.
  • The university is actually Carnegie Mellore, yes mispelt. Even the term Univelsity is mispelt.

Click on the image to see full size.

The feeling the thesis gave me should be described as: scary.

appjam: get your mobile application showcased.

May 4, 2010

Those of you who are mobile application developers, here is an opportunity for you to get your app showcased — free of cost. AppJam is happening in Bangalore at IIM. This is the excerpt from its website.

AppJam is India’s first exclusive mobile application’s showcase event. It is a platform to all stakeholders of the mobile app business ecosystem. It is a nice place to learn about marketing and monetizing apps from experts. You can get glimpse of tomorrow’s mobile applications and learn what works and what doesn’t in mobile app world.

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