stats and ranks.

According to QS Asian University Rankings 2010,

The methodology is mentioned on the website.

  • CSA monthly web statistics here (Courtesy Jagadish Sir).
  • You should see CSA frontpage image randomly changing on every refresh now. If you have some good images of the department/faculty/students, do send those across.


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5 Responses to “stats and ranks.”

  1. Anaska Says:

    Happy to know the statistics of ‘iisc life.’ Waiting for a great 1000 days/ 1001 days post.

  2. sriram Says:

    sorry to ask you here.
    is there a webpage, where they have listed the people called in phd admission test/interview and the test/interview dates for CSA ?

  3. iisc Says:

    Sriram, there is no such page as of now.

  4. nimishan Says:

    Can anybody please explain the rank of iisc in IT & engineering….

    Does this mean the cs dept of iisc stands at this position ……????

  5. Bhawani Shankar Leelar Says:


    I don’t know about these states but here is more prestigious ranking known in universities.
    IISc stands 51 to 76 in world in IT & Engineering
    and 303 to 401 in overall ranking

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