shami submits.

And I must thank everyone who thought about bhOndOO while iisc life was not getting updated. Specifically, thanks to Satish, Abhijit, Suneel and Eshwaran.

BenJi entered the computing lab to witness the gloomy environment: bhOndOO seated at a corner chair looking down, his computer screen at Shami’s facebook page and his face competing with Dilip Kumar’s tragedy king roles.

“Hmm… what’s the plan?”.

“I am not coming for dinner.”, bhOndOO without looking up and without any efforts of hiding his mental state from his best friend.

“I am not asking about dinner.”.

bhOndOO looked up.

BenJi looked at him without uttering a word, as if it was the most obvious thing in the universe, which required no explanation.

bhOndOO understood, shrugged and again looked down, “I don’t know.”.

“bhOndOO!”, BenJi was serious, “You can’t sit like this! This is the time to act. She submitted her thesis today and is leaving for home in a week.”.

BenJi struck the right chord. bhOndOO got up furiously and shouted, “I know, but what can I do! It’s all over!”.

“But why don’t you talk to her?”.

“She doesn’t like me. She… she likes Gullu.”.

“Have you talked to her?”.

“There is nothing to talk.”.

BenJi didn’t know what to say. bhOndOO was not in a state of listening. At this eventful juncture, someone entered the lab — no, not Shami.

“Hey, guys!”.

“Hello Gullu.”, who else, of course, BenJi greeted.

“Looks like a tensed environment.”.

Nobody spoke a word.

“So, bhOndOO!”, Gullu attacked, “Shami will be leaving next week.”.

Several phrases came to bhOndOO’s mind at once: “Go to hell!”, “I don’t care!”, “Mind your own business!” and he kept mum.

“I have asked her to talk to her parents about marriage.”.

bhOndOO got furious, but he knew he was a loser, he could only utter, “Congratulations.”.

“Hmm… Well, you see, you need not congratulate me. I am not getting married to Shami.”.

In mind, “What?”, bhOndOO felt he misheard, then felt of dreaming. Without his knowledge, a faint smile appeared on his face, “Sorry?”.

“You heard it right. I am not getting married to Shami. In fact, I cannot get married to her.”.

bhOndOO thought of options, “Gullu loves someone else, Gullu is impotent, Gullu is gay, …”.

“We belong to the same gotra. And we don’t marry within a gotra.”.

bhOndOO in mind, “Gotra? In 21st century?”, but he felt happy that there are people in the world who believe in gotras.

“Oh! When did you come to know of this gotra business?”

“It was clear long ago, within the first month of meeting Shami.”.

“And she knows it too?”, bhOndOO was curious.

“Yes, all along.”.

“Oh!”, and bhOndOO started thinking about all the previous encounters with Shami in the new light. His profound thinking was disturbed by Gullu’s gotra-mantra.

“Since we belong to the same gotra”, Gullu continued, “I treat her like a sister…”.

bhOndOO could not stop smiling.

“… And I considered it to be my moral responsibility that she doesn’t fall for a bhOndOO like you.”.

bhOndOO’s smile stopped.

“I always wanted her to look for a person of intellect, maturity and status, and I told this to her umpteen number of times. But she doesn’t listen.”.

“And she likes you.”, BenJi stepped in.

bhOndOO, puzzled, “Likes whom?”.

“She like you.”.

“How do you know? She said it?”, then suddenly bhOndOO sensed the bigger picture, “Wait! BenJi, did you also know about this gotra episode all along?”.

“Yes, I did.”, BenJi smiled, wickedly.

“And I thought you were my best friend!”.

BenJi giggled.

“Who else has been a part of this plan?”.

“Gullu, myself, Lili, Tingi, Mungi, actually, everyone knew of this, except you.”.

In Munna Bhai style, “Tum sab ne milke mujhe mamu banaya.” (you all played tricks with me).

Gullu was not interested in bhOndOO-BenJi friendship. He started preaching, “This is not the time to settle scores. This is the time to rise to the situation. Uttishthata, Jagrata, and stop not till the goal is reached.”.

“What do you mean?”, bhOndOO is a bhOndOO.

Gullu was serious, “It is time.”.


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15 Responses to “shami submits.”

  1. Balaji Says:

    After all these months, to see a post from BhOndOO… Wow.. Brings me smiles πŸ™‚

  2. tnsatish Says:

    Nice to see a post after almost a year.

  3. Sidharth Says:

    And BhOndOO continues………..Nice!

  4. pradeesha Says:

    Nice to see bhOndOO back!
    Will he continue to be active here or is his story heading to a happy *ending*?

  5. Pranav Says:

    so long ..
    welcome back :

  6. vinay Says:


  7. Jk Says:

    But isn’t submission of thesis too soon??

  8. Sudhira Says:

    Yay! Shami submits and gets a post-doc and bhOndOO joins her πŸ™‚

  9. iisc Says:

    Pradeesha, the story is definitely heading an ending, happy or otherwise.

    Jk, Shami is not like bhOndOO; she can submit soon.

  10. Mukta Says:

    woohoo! bhOndOO is back πŸ™‚
    am so happy for shami and her thesis submission! shall we here of happy beginnings soon?

  11. Mukta Says:

    *hear 😦

  12. iisc Says:

    Mukta, sure, soon.

  13. Bibhu Says:

    Thank you for coming back bhondoo…I’ve missed you so long here. Loved your posts. But there’s a question,”THE END?”

  14. Abhishek Sharma Says:

    Welcome back……

    To start with, it was great ‘being’ with bhondoo all along. Around May 2011, i was going through iisc’s website, from where i some how landed on bhondoo’s homepage. Bhondoo seemed so realistic that i really wanted to believe than he exists. I thought about meeting his creator whenever i get a chance for the same. But updates had stopped by that time.

    Meanwhile, i got a call for interview from IISc. I visited IISc, and it was so similar to what you’ve described in your stories. I came up here for the interview wishing to meet you.Soon it became apparent that you’ve graduated and i had to drop my wish. Somehow, visiting IISc and knowing so much about it from Bhondoo really put in a deep desire in me to join this great institute. So i would say i am little emotionally attached with Bhondoo because. it was through him that i first saw this institute. Along the way Bhondoo inspired many other characters like him, but none had the simplicity and pure stupidity (which we love) which were characteristic to him. While reading your blogs, i could almost see Bhondoo, Shami, Gullu, Benji in front of my eyes.

    The situations which bhondoo encountered, are some things which every student faces at some point of time or other. Your portrayal of these situations, is simply fantastic.

    So it is really heartening to see that Bhondoo has returned specially i’m rejoiced to see him again in action. But the end is eminent, nonetheless we still rejoice his “homecoming”……..

    Once again Welcome back………..

    And by the way, I got a call and joined IISc for a Ph.D. on 1st August 2011. After first sem is over, i realize IISc is exactly the place which Bhondoo talks of.

  15. kumarkiran Says:


    It’s nice to see new posts coming up on your blog bhondoo.. πŸ™‚ I missed reading the blog, I used to visit regularly to your blog to find out the next part of the story.Then I started visiting once in a month. ..Any way keep aside my story……….

    Even though the end is eminent.. but make it the end of iisc episode..continue with stories of Bondhoo working.. πŸ™‚ I know workplace also has so many stories.. & many will be curious & eager to follow bhondoo even at his work place.. πŸ™‚

    Kiran Kumar

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