dr. bhOndOO.


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23 Responses to “dr. bhOndOO.”

  1. tnsatish Says:


  2. Kasicheyanula Saichand Says:

    At last Congratulations….. 😀

  3. Abi Says:


    What comes next?

  4. jsbhavani Says:


  5. Rajkumar R Says:


  6. Arunachalam Says:


  7. Sudhira Says:


  8. pvgopalarao Says:


  9. Emm"Wheee!!!"Kay Says:


  10. rafi Says:

    congratulations brother….finally u made it. plz continue writing plz plz….

  11. Mukta Says:

    abhinandan! 🙂

  12. avtd Says:


  13. iisc life. Says:

    Abi Sir, bhOndOO receiving a doctorate is the culmination of bhOndOO stories. As of now I don’t plan to start a new story or continue bhOndOO’s adventures in some other world. It remains to be seen whether I can stick to not writing.

  14. Jk Says:

    Happy to see the post but sad on seeing the above comment. bhOndOO will be sorely missed.

  15. vinay Says:

    hearty congratulations! 🙂 best!

  16. pranav Says:

    thanks for the blog 🙂

  17. Yasha Says:

    congrats 🙂

  18. jay Says:

    Doesnt Bhondoo write again? 😦

  19. kayone89 Says:

    I have been in iisc like almost a year now… and I really regret that i took so long to come across ur blog… but nevertheless i am happy i did eventually.. awesome!!! Pls do continue writing more stuff.. Waiting for bhOndOO and his antics in the future


  20. kumarkiran Says:

    Bhondoo must keep writing now as a Dr Bhondoo 🙂

  21. Aditi Says:

    We want More.. plz keep writing !

  22. Mon Says:

    plus 1

  23. Gaurav Prakash Says:

    Thank you for this blog….

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