bhOndOO questions.

Question: When do you get transformed from a student into a researcher?
bhOndOO: When listening to your boss, the only thing you want him to do is to shut up.

Question: What is the strangest thing you feel about PhD?
bhOndOO: The strangest thing is that you are never able to share your most happy moments with your advisor, because he is on leave.

Question: What do you want to do after PhD?
bhOndOO: Research.

Question: What is your opinion about having multiple co-guides?
bhOndOO: Each co-guide feels that the other one is guiding.

Question: Why do you say that PhD and ME students should work together on a project?
bhOndOO: Sugar-coated answer: ME student gets guidance and research directions from PhD student and the PhD student gets a lot of encouragement from the discussion and implementation results from ME student.
Real answer: ME student does all the donkey work and PhD student can enjoy. In the end, the PhD student gets a free paper.

Question: What is the best way to hurt a PhD student badly?
bhOndOO: Simply ask him: Enjoying your work?.

Question: What do you conclude when a senior PhD student suddenly creates his homepage?
bhOndOO: That means he is either applying for a post-doc or getting married.

Question: How do you check your research progress?
bhOndOO: From the frequency of meeting your advisor. If you meet him once a month, soon you will be a PhD dropout. If you meet him once in two weeks, you will take 7 years to complete PhD. If you meet him once a week, you will take 5 years. If you meet him twice or thrice a week, you will finish PhD in 3 years. If you meet him more often than that — you are wasting his time.

Question: How do you decide which paper to read?
bhOndOO: From its length… and from the number of symbols in it.

Question: What should you do when a reviewer comes up with a tighter bound than what you have proved in your paper?
bhOndOO: Add the reviewer as a co-author and resubmit the paper.


3 Responses to “bhOndOO questions.”

  1. question to bhOndOO. « iisc life. Says:

    […] I thought it would be better if I keep updating a page. Hence here is a new page containing bhOndOO questions. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)bhOndOO writes […]

  2. S K Kalra Says:

    awesome, hilarious, thoughtful, imaginative and time devoted original research work.

  3. ashmitha Says:

    I’m a final year MBBS student. Could I pick your brain about the opportunities for me at IISc? Thank you for your wonderful blog.

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