iisc bloggers.

Do comment about your and your friends’ blog-links. Don’t bother even if currently those are inactive, or the writing is unrelated to IISc.

I keep adding at least one blog every week. So check it out.

Check out the ranked listing of blogs.

Read all IISc blogs on the same page via IISc Planet.






























Do comment about your and your friends’ blog-links.


90 Responses to “iisc bloggers.”

  1. iisc bloggers. « iisc life. Says:

    […] Check it out here. […]

  2. Abi Says:

    Rahul Siddharthan is a graduate of the Department of Physics.

    And, from this post, I would think Feanor is from CSA.

  3. Gopala Says:

    hey man…

    this is really a good collection. Thanks a million for the list.
    I was at iisc from 2005-07.


  4. Lalit Patnaik Says:

    May I add one more to the list πŸ™‚

  5. Lalit Patnaik Says:

    I’m sorry if I was mistook for Prof LM Patnaik of CSA. In fact, I’m an M.Tech student at CEDT. Kindly correct the error. My apologies for the inconvenience.

  6. Nissim Says:

    Good collection of links. There is a spelling error in Maya’s name though.
    It should be Maya Murdeshwar.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Chetana Says:


    Thanks a lot for adding my blog to your list πŸ™‚ Btw, I am from MBU and so is Maya Murdeshwar. πŸ™‚ And, wonderful collection of blogs. You have given me more to read when my guide is not observing πŸ˜›

  8. Aparna C K Says:

    Hello Sir,

    These are the two blogs by my ex-classmate (M.E. 2006-08) Krishnakumar R N (ECE), if you like to add them. He is currently doing PhD under Prof.Rajesh Sundaresan.

    http://www.rnkiyer.blogspot.com/ – Miscellaneous
    http://asymptotics.wordpress.com/ – Technical, Spiritual

    Thanks and Regards

  9. Pritesh Says:

    Three names to the list: J. Karthik Ramkumar, CEDT (http://jkarthikr.blogspot.com) Laasya Samhita, MCBL (http://incharaa.blogspot.com) and G. Ananthakrishnan, EE (http://musicandi.blogspot.com)

  10. Vikas Gupta Says:

    I am linking to this page on my links page! I like science students; will visit them later; Do you have an NCBS list too?! I have a soft corner for NCBS!

  11. Pritesh Says:

    Thanks Vikas…….

  12. akaash Says:

    nice list! thanks..

  13. Feanor Says:

    Hiya, Balaji Sowmyanarayan is from CSA as well.

  14. Krishna Babu Says:

    Thanks for adding my name to the list: The entry with the name krishnababu in unknown section. I was from Chemeng Dept. & 2007 pass out. Abhijit Mukharjee (in the same unknown section) is also from Chemeng!!


  15. Shivashankar Says:

    Iam an alumni. CSA internet science and engineering. 2006 to 2008. Please do include my blog link in this page, i will do likewise in my page.

  16. Shivashankar Says:

    My blog address is http://shivalakshmi.100webspace.net – Thanks

  17. Anaska Says:

    Hey Rupesh,
    Just launched a Photo Blog — the first event covered is WiCamp at IISc on 9th Saturday. http://click.antzfx.com
    Will you add this link too under my name?

  18. Vadhana Says:

    I would like to also be the one added to the list; reason being, proud to be an alumni.
    I am from chemical engineering department.
    Just before you add, please make sure my name is correctly spelt as it is often misunderstood with Vandhana.

  19. Vadhana Says:


  20. AAKANKSHA Says:

    Dear Friends,
    I’ve got admission in the integrated phd program-chemical sciences.i’d like to know about the hostels and the campus life at iisc.. i hail from delhi.. and 6years is a long time.. i’m a little apprehensive oh coming to so far off place..how are the placements of the PhD students from iisc? how far is the nearby market? are rooms given on a sharing basis or will i’ve a sinle occupant room.. i’d like to know as much as possible..
    kindly cooperate and help me..

  21. Jayaram Krishnaswamy Says:

    I am glad to see so many bloggers on the this list. Some of them I recognize as long time friends, some acquaintainces and some I like to be acquainted with.

  22. Jayaram Krishnaswamy Says:

    BTW. I really should be under EE and not an Unknown.

  23. Jayaram Krishnaswamy Says:

    I am disappointed to see that I am an unknown. Does the moderator read this at all. I wonder!!!

  24. gokul Says:

    JK: He has not posted any new blog post since Jun 21. He might be busy, let’s wait.

  25. Jayaram Krishnaswamy Says:

    Thanks for bumping me from ‘Unknown’ to ‘known’

  26. Jayaram Krishnaswamy Says:

    I keep the flame burning for my blog with the hope one day I may be able to make a worthwhile post

  27. Shank Says:

    Are these all guys Phd.s?

  28. daniel Says:

    Thanks for adding me..

  29. iisc Says:

    Hey Shank, these are not all PhDs. These are all IIScians (faculty, students, PAs, RAs, alumni).

  30. anup Says:

    Hi guys, I just wanted to know “Why do you do what you do?” . Just curious.

  31. Arjun Says:

    Hi, Can you please add my blog http://reminiscentarrow.blogspot.com also to the list of IISc blogs? I joined IISc recently in 2009 and I am in the Nanoengineering PhD program… My parent dept is ECE…

  32. Arjun Says:

    I am sorry its http://reminiscentarrows.blogspot.com πŸ˜›

  33. pvgopalarao Says:

    Hi… I am Venkata Gopala Rao from chemeng. Earlier, i used to author http://gopalwithlove.blogspot.com, which is already listed here.
    Now, I’ve migrated to new url http://doodlesandmusings.wordpress.com
    Do please add/update my URL to the list.


  34. shivashankar Says:

    I have changed my blogging site from http://shivalakshmi.100webspace.net to http://shivalakshmi.iblogger.org. Do update it in the site plz


  35. shivashankar Says:

    Typo in the website link put up. Its not net , its .org . http://shivalakshmi.iblogger.org – thanks

  36. shivashankar Says:

    I now realised that i had put the address wrong in the website textbox provided. Changing it to the correct address.
    http://shivalakshmi.iblogger.org – thanks

  37. pradeesha Says:

    hi, the blog u have mentioned with my name is no longer active. My blog is kithaab.blogspot.com

  38. Shouvik Says:

    Please add my blog. I’m presently doing my Integrated PhD in the Physics Department.


  39. Shouvik Says:

    Please include my blog : http://physicscape.blogspot.com/

    I’m presently doing my Integrated PhD in the Physics Department, IISc.

  40. Joy Monteiro Says:

    Ashok Rao does not blog at wordlimitreached or anywhere else !!!

  41. iisc Says:

    Joy, this post suggested that Ashok Rao blogs there (there is a mention of IISc).

    If you can confirm once again that the blog does not belong to him, I will move it to Unknown.

  42. Pratik Says:

    Phani is an alumni of Materials Engg and currently a faculty in IIT-M Dept of Metallurgical and Materials Engg. Saw his name in the “unknown” list and thought I might pitch in.

  43. Joy Monteiro Says:

    nopes, he does not blog there πŸ™‚ This blog has already been linked under CAOS, Joy Monteiro, who actually types there.

  44. iisc Says:

    Oh! I see. Thanks Joy for pointing it out. Removed it from CEDT now.

  45. Rati Says:

    Please include my blog: http://ratisharma.blogspot.com/

    I’m an integrated PhD student in the IPC dept. at IISc.

  46. rati Says:

    Thanks for including my blog here.

  47. ranking iisc bloggers. « iisc life. Says:

    […] iisc bloggers. By iisc We have a list of over 125 bloggers. I want to create a ranked listing of these blogs. Since liking/popularity is subjective, I would […]

  48. Kapil Bodkhe Says:

    Hey, really good collection of links. Please include my blog too: http://kapilbodkhe.blogspot.com/

    I’m an alumnus of M.E.(SSA) batch 2006-08. You could list me under EE.

  49. nomoreaccidents Says:

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  50. Lalit Patnaik Says:

    My other blog: The Chronic Engineer

    -Lalit Patnaik, CEDT

  51. Cliff Angotti Says:

    Good wordpress post, I will be sure to bookmark this in my Newsvine account. Have a good day.

  52. Narasimha Datta Says:

    Kindly include my blog: Random Musings at http://narasimhadatta.blogspot.com/. Thanks!

    BTW, I was an M.E. student in CSA 2003-2005.

  53. JFx Says:

    Hi, I hadn’t noticed I got into this list.. Thanks for adding πŸ™‚

    I’m an MTech student in CEDT (2009-11 batch)

    My personal blog is:

    I’d prefer the other two links to be removed.

  54. murali Says:

    Does anyone know about Pro. Lalit Mohan Patnaik and his behaviour at IISC.

  55. Himanshu Dhar Says:

    I have started writing again after a gap of 6 years and will not rest till my goal of publishing 20 + posts on my blog is accomplished.
    wish me luck !!!

  56. Rati Sharma from ipc dept. Says:

    Thanks for adding my blog in the iisc planet list. But, I would prefer it to be removed. Thanks in advance.

  57. iisc Says:

    Rati, write to planetiisc@gmail for getting your blog removed from IISc Planet. If you want it removed from *this* blog, do comment back.

  58. SataniX Says:

    Please add http://lorisiisc.wordpress.com/. πŸ™‚

  59. hrishikesh Says:

    pls add

  60. bilgotidia fertiganed Says:

    can u add me too?

    Instrumentation and Applied Physics


  61. Anshuman Dutt Says:

    Hi, this is a nice collection of all blogs of IISc ….. even I would like to add my blog in the list if you like it ….. I am Ph.D. student at CSA ….. the link is ……. http://www.antarmankuchkehtahai.blogspot.com


  62. Manoj Says:

    Its Manoj from CPDM.

    Please change my blog addresses.
    The one about hockey is http://www.thefansofhockey.com and the personal one is mkmahala.wordpress.com

    Thank you,

  63. Nitish Says:

    thanks 4 adding me

    but my jame is just ‘NITISH’

    i dont hav an initial

  64. Ashish Joglekar Says:

    Quite an extensive list!
    Ashish from CEDT, IISc
    Kindly include my blog http://ashish-newday.blogspot.com/ too.

    Ashish Joglekar

  65. meenu Says:

    kindly include my blog too. i hope this is the way it is requested.
    Civil dept,IISc

  66. meenu Says:

    this is my blog page

  67. sureshamrita Says:

    Hey, I am surprised how did you figure out that i am an IISc Alumni from EE Dept…wonderful research anyway….

  68. SAJEEB K Says:

    pls add me to the blogg list

    sajeeb k
    from civil department

  69. SAJEEB K Says:

    pls add me to the blogg list

    sajeeb k
    from civil departmen


  70. vijaygirish2001 Says:

    pls add me to the blog list


    K V Vijay Girish
    Electrical Engineering

  71. Hrishikesh Sonalikar Says:

    please remove Hrishikesh Sonalikar from Instrumentation.
    Deleted my blog. creating new one. will let you know soon.

  72. A-Biswas-sso Says:

    pls add me to the blog list


    Prasenjit Biswas

    plz add me under the tag of both the depts …

  73. Mass Spectrometry Lab Says:

    please add

    Mass Spectrometry Lab
    Department of Instrumentation


  74. iisc Says:

    Hello Mass Spectrometry Lab, the link you provided seems to be something different from what you intended. Could you please clarify?

  75. G S Javed Says:


    Please add this to the list too.

    G S Javed
    Analog / RF IC & Systems Lab
    Department of ECE

  76. Mass spectrometry lab Says:

    This is what we intend for the time being..it is the correct link

    Soon we will blogging technicals & trek experiences!!!

    Thanks & Cheers

  77. M.Shruti Says:

    hi.. am from MRC dept. here is my blog that i would be glad to get added to the list.


  78. Bimbisara Says:


    I’m from ECE.
    Please add my blog to the list.


  79. Rooparam Says:

    myself new SERC blogger.
    address is http://rooparam.blogspot.com


  80. punchagan Says:


    Anand Chitipothu, SERC

  81. annie singla Says:

    hello everybody, here all of u r d ones who hv cracked gate n r in2 iisc…such a reputed institute… pls nebdy temme that how did u ppl prepared for gate?? actually am a final year student of BTECH (IT). n am thinkin of getting postal course material….can u pls pls pls suggest me d best institute…I came 2 know bou two…MADE EASY & BRILLIANT TUTORIALS…pls pls pls tell me wich one s best?i shall b really really really grateful 2 u.

  82. mobile spy phone software Says:

    I want to start a fashion/lifestyle blog. I love photography, but I want to upgrade my digital camera to a more professional one. I also wanted to start this blog, so which camera would you recommend me. I have a small budget, so if you could find something that is not too pricey, I would appreciate it. Thanks a lot !.

  83. ganesh Says:

    Hey thanks a lot for including my blog in this list. Can you please put me under ISU?

    ~ Ganesh HS

    PS: I have two more blogs, in one I share my personal view points and in other I share quotes, videos, audios etc from the internet. here are the links (feel free to include)


  84. Manoj Mahala Says:

    Please update my blog address: its http://www.mkmahala.com , instead of mkmahala.wordpress.com
    Manoj Mahala, CPDM

  85. Mukunda Madhava Nath Says:

    Please add my blog. I am an MDes student from CPDM

  86. aakritty Says:

    Nice list!

    I’m Aakriti from SERC.
    aakritty.wordpress.com (Just started blogging)

  87. Ashoke Says:

    My Blog : http://ashokeiisc.blogspot.in/

  88. Siva Prasad Says:

    I am an Undergraduate Student, Here is a link to my blog:-
    :- http://memoirsofaneventfulera.blogspot.in/ on my experiences @IISc

  89. Punarbasu Roy Says:

    Hi there.. check mine please πŸ™‚ http://www.thewimpystudent.blogspot.in

  90. AC Says:

    I am Aarsh Chotalia. (UG dept)

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