iisc links.

This page gives some general links related to IISc. Please feel free to comment about a new link.

Website | Map | Calendar | iisc.broadcast | All Departments | Library.

Students’ Council | Gymkhana | Hostel.

Alumni Association | Alumni Association of North America | Alumni Cell | Centenary Conference | IISc Students (orkut community) | IISc Forum | IISc Friends.

Guide to prospective and new faculty | Blood Bank: Life Line | Emergency Telephone Numbers.

Web repository.

IISc bloggers | Gallery of photos | Laapataa (yahoogroup | orkut community) | IISc Flora and their images.

Voices, IISc newsletter (googlegroup).

Concern, the group about Indian politics and policies.

Praharshini, the group about Indian Culture.

Prasthutha, the group promoting nationalistic thinking.

Tamil Peravai (googlegroup).

Marathi Mandal (orkut community | yahoogroup).

Telugu Samiti (yahoogroup).

Bengali Group Spandan (drama group mukhOsh).

Gujarati Parivar (yahoogroup | orkut community).

Malayalee Association SIMA (yahoogroup).

Nityotsava – Kannada Vidyarthi Balaga (yahoogroup) | Kannada Balaga.

Hindi Samiti (yahoogroup).

Christian Fellowship (yahoogroup).

Looking Around, for interdisciplinary interactions.

Photography Club | Poetry | Dramatics Club: Rang Manch | Amateur Astronomy Club | Faculty Club | Note Book Drive (googlegroup) | Swayam: Entrepreneurship Club | Quiz Club.

Queer: forum for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered and queers.



4 Responses to “iisc links.”

  1. useful iisc links. « iisc life. Says:

    […] Check it out. […]

  2. iisc open day: faculty apathy. « iisc life. Says:

    […] is a place of talent. No wonder we see several cultural bodies on campus. Not all of us rejoin academics for career. Some of us do go into alternate paths. It […]

  3. hem narayan chaudhary Says:

    sir i m the student of 2nd year b.tech. civil.sir, i want to take summer training in iisc .pls guide me the procedure and process.

  4. Sleepless Says:


    A beautiful person whom I knew very well & who worked in IISc from

    November 2012 till April 4,2013…why so short time? Let me

    explain…that person lived in a house opp. to IISc and succumbed to a

    very unexpected accident in the home she stayed. She was the eldest

    daughter of a very simple & caring old parents but after her demise the

    owner Mrs.Usha Shetty of that house no.956,1st main road,Gokula

    Extension behind St.Sebastian church treated them with inhuman behavior

    as the pride of their family the scientist of IISc was no more & just

    for a couple of money.The house never hosted any tenant for more than 6

    months earlier and the stories these owners make up is everyone has been

    promoted as the house is very auspicious.Now the owner asks them to lie

    and not tell any new tenant whoever came to see the house that their was

    a death in that house.The most interesting thing they target people from


    My humble request to all IISc employees to spread this word that the

    owners lie & are sweet mouth in beginning but show their dirty colors

    when things are not according to them. They expect good food from the

    tenants and of course the money.The family is grieving on their daughters

    loss but the owners just think their house should not be empty even for

    a month & they will be in loss for a month.

    Please spread the word fellow IIScians.

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