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appjam: get your mobile application showcased.

May 4, 2010

Those of you who are mobile application developers, here is an opportunity for you to get your app showcased — free of cost. AppJam is happening in Bangalore at IIM. This is the excerpt from its website.

AppJam is India’s first exclusive mobile application’s showcase event. It is a platform to all stakeholders of the mobile app business ecosystem. It is a nice place to learn about marketing and monetizing apps from experts. You can get glimpse of tomorrow’s mobile applications and learn what works and what doesn’t in mobile app world.

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notebook drive.

Apr 28, 2009

Notebook Drive.

A team of IISc students has been running this noble initiative called Notebook Drive (NBD) since 2002. Over years, their activities have expanded. Their objective is to provide notebooks, stationery, etc to poor students who otherwise have to drop out of their schools simply because in trying to fill their stomachs, they fall short of money to buy notebooks.

Last year their collection was around 1.5 lakh. The team has been trying to reach more audience this time, even outside IISc. If you are willing to donate online, please use the following information.

Joint Account Details for Notebook Drive:
(This account was created on Apr 22, 2009
solely for the purpose of Notebook Drive).‏
Account No: 30743172697.
Bank/Branch Code: SBI, IISc/2215.
Swift code: SBININBB425.
IFSC Code: SBIN0002215.

If you wish to donate by cash/cheque or have any questions/comments, please write to

Check out the newspaper article on NBD below (click on the image to see larger view).

NBD Article.

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akhanda bharat.

Dec 18, 2008
Akhanda Bharat.

Akhanda Bharat.

One of the readers of iisc life, Kiran Tikare has launched a website called Akhanda Bharat (United India).

This is what the site mentions.

True genius of India lies in dreams of its people, wellness of its people, security of its people. If any body questions us, If any body challenges us, If any body tries to divide us, we will show them, that nobody can divide us.

You are requested to check out the forum for ideas and discussions on how to improve India.

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