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madhu’s marriage gift and the sms chaos.

May 23, 2008

Madhu (the punctual fame) was going to spoil Prashant’s life. Everyone in the Voices team had decided to gather at Coffee Board sharp at 20:00 and start for the night ceremony. bhOndOO had an additional responsibility of buying a wedding gift before coming to Coffee Board. Mails had resulted in several suggestions for the gift, but nothing was finalized (as usual) and it was left at the discretion of bhOndOO (not so usual).

Apart from many other problems that bhOndOO has (and creates), his mobile had started malfunctioning: when sending an SMS to someone, irrespective of whom the message is sent, it used to go to the last person who sent an SMS to bhOndOO. bhOndOO was blissed, since ignorance is a bliss and bhOndOO was totally ignorant of this malfunctioning.

It started raining at 18:00 and bhOndOO could not go out to buy any gift. His umbrella was torn by a sudden attack of a few birds after the birds read this post. He kept waiting for the rain to stop and the rain-fall reduced at 19:45. bhOndOO grabbed his bicycle and rode to Coffee Board. The rain managed to fool him and he got wet.

Note: Please read the next part carefully.

It was 20:00 and there was nobody else in Coffee Board. bhOndOO took out his mobile and started messaging junta.
“Where are you?”, meant for Sudhir, gone to BenJi (BenJi had SMSed bhOndOO last).
However, Sudhir also tried to communicate with bhOndOO.
“We are near Ramaiyya Hospital in Ajay Sir’s car, got a lift from him. He is also attending the marriage.”, from Sudhir.
Within a few seconds bhOndOO got a reply, “I am in Goa.”, from BenJi. bhOndOO could read the sender’s name, but was not at all interested in BenJi’s whereabouts.
“Why didn’t you take me?”, meant for Sudhir, gone to BenJi.
“I came here with my fiancée!”, from BenJi.
“I am coming directly to the hall with my wife.”, from Paresh.
bhOndOO was not at all interested in BenJi’s personal matters.
“So what should I do?”, meant for BenJi, gone to Paresh. Paresh was baffled!
“Shall we buy some gift on the way?”, from Sudhir.
“We are going to a beach right now.”, from BenJi.
“Shall I buy the gift? We are in a gift shop right now.”, from Paresh — trying to be calm.
“Okay, go ahead.”, meant for BenJi, gone to Paresh.
“Are you coming to Goa this weekend?”, from BenJi.
“No.”, meant for Sudhir, gone to BenJi.
“I may be back to Bangalore next weekend.”, from BenJi.
“We will probably buy coupons only.”, from Sudhir — clarifying his suggestion.
“That sounds great!”, meant for BenJi, gone to Sudhir.
“Today is Madhu’s wedding, right? What did you buy for her?”, from BenJi (from Goa).
“No. I will buy.”, meant for Sudhir, gone to BenJi.
“Okay, will talk to you later.”, from BenJi.
“Yes. Yes.”, meant for BenJi (for previous question), gone to BenJi (for recent message).
“See you there.”, from Sudhir.
“See you.”, from Paresh.
“Okay. See you.”, meant for Sudhir, gone to Paresh.
“Okay. See you.”, meant for Paresh, gone to Paresh (a second time).

At 20:30, Voices team greeted Madhu with three gifts: a wooden showpiece, a coupon, and a wet best-seller on time management.

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birthday gift.

May 20, 2008

A few days ago, bhOndOO received an email on the yahoogroup of his school-friends. The mail was sent from the email-id of one of his colleagues, Swapnil Band.

hi !
most of you must not be knowing me. hi to all !! this is gayathri wife of Swapnil Band.
hope all of you are in good health and wishing u all happy holi in advance..
actually my husband’s birthday is on 20th April. i wanted to gift him a memorable cd with all his memories right from chidhood till date. its just a request if you have group photos or other such things you want to share about him or memorable incidents i would definately like to have it as part of the cd.. actually he has the best memories and wonderful moments and best friends from school only.
i will be grateful if you can take a bit pains and help me out and send photos, incidents, memories or your messages u want in the cd as early as possible. its a surprise for him so please its as a surprise so mail only in id and not on your yahoogroup id. i will be obliged if you help as there is no other source to look or start from.
will be eagerly waiting for your replies.
thanks for reading the message and do expecting to get positive response from your side and help me prepare this beautiful gift for him.
please do contribute and keep it a secret from swapnil
thanks and regards,


bhOndOO’s reply to the mail was as below.

Hello Gayathri

I do have a few things to share:

  1. He was called Bandya. Once, after 12th, while some of us were at his house, one of our colleagues said in Marathi, “Bandya, bring some water.”, and Swapnil’s father was around!
  2. He was (and I think, is) very good at Maths. In 8th, he scored 100 out of 100 in one of the exams.
  3. In 8th, while Kawade Madam was asking him about some of the biological features of Aries, Pieces, Amphibians, Mammals, and Reptiles; he got confused with the number of hearts of Amphibians (like frogs) and said, “Madam, they have 2 hearts.”. When everybody in the class started shouting, he changed his response to “No Madam, only 1 heart is present.”. Even then the class was just shouting. He got very confused and said, “No Madam, heart is absent!”. The class just burst out into laughter.
  4. Once, he and Aditya Shastri got into a fighting mode. Each one of them held each other’s collars and everyone was around to just witness a big fight. Being a captain of the class, I tried to interfere to separate them — but got an unintended blow on my jaws. I really dont know what happened next, but both of them started laughing at each other, left the collars, and separated without any violence.
  5. There is a song, Kisse Pyaar Karoon… Since Pyaar was kind of a censored word for we teenagers, he used to sing, Kisse Dash Karoon… and he used to sing only these three words — nothing more, while waving his right hand like Shammi Kapoor.
  6. Once we were chatting at Praveen Dhote’s house and somehow started discussing about Swapnil’s birthday. When asked, Swapnil said, “It is in November.”. Everyone started discussing something else. One of our colleagues interrupted, “Isn’t it in April?”. Swapnil got very happy with the colleague, got up, and actually kissed his cheek. Then Swapnil expected more. He said, “Now tell me the date also.”. The colleague said, “21st!”. On hearing a disappointing reply from Swapnil, the collague thought for a moment and said, “20th April!”. Swapnil was delighted so much that he kissed the other cheek!
  7. Swapnil’s activities and hair style made him look like Shahrukh Khan. Sometimes, he calls himself as Swapy.
  8. When Paresh sent his wedding invitation to our yahoo group, Swapnil replied stating that he was very happy to know that a back-bencher was getting married. Incidentally, both of them were back-benchers, both ended up with love marriages and both of them have email ids of the form
  9. A photo is attached: Anand Kharwandikar had sent it to the group some time back. It contains Rajesh Balki (Swapnil calls him Ballu), Swapnil, Praveen Dhote, Sachin Dhote (they are not brothers and since they both have same surnames, they are called using their first names), and Anand himself (Swapnil calls him Khandya). The photo was named as Band Of Friends (derived from Band Of Brothers). The photo still exists in Anand’s Orkut photo album ( Anand’s words are: …and other but most importatnt reason is swapnil band is looking smart in it!

Praveen introduced everyone in the photo and Swapnil was introduced as below:

Swapnil:- jiske daat hamesha bahar rahte hain photomain bhi hain(vaise isko intro ki jaroorat nahi hain bandya is famous).

Band of Friends.

One more thing: His friends have always felt that Swapnil is a wonderful friend and person. He has the ability to make anyone comfortable — like an elder brother. On behalf of all his school friends, I wish him All The Best for his future and A Very Very Happy Birthday! Attached is the photo of his school-time girl-friends — as a birthday gift.
Swapnil\'s Girl Friends.
Best Wishes to both of you for a Wonderful Married Life.