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bhOndOO proposes.

Jan 16, 2012

bhOndOO has forgotten about dinner. He has been left alone by BenJi and Gullu in the computing lab.

Shall I? he thinks.

Without knowing what he is going to speak, he takes out his mobile and calls Shami. Every ring doubles his pulse rate. He closes his eyes, and then…

bhOndOO opens eyes and keeps looking at the unanswered call message.

Has she gone to the mess? Or… has she gone out for celebrating thesis submission? But she should have taken her mobile. Then, where must she be?

bhOndOO comes out of the lab. He forgets to greet the security person as he usually does.

“Good night, Sir.”

“Oh! Good night, Vaidyaji.”.

He leaves the CSA department and his feet show him the way. He walks past Instrumentation, MCBL and BioChemistry. The vehicles disappear and the tarred road is left behind. The sky spreads its wings, glistening with golden pearls. The just arisen full moon winks at bhOndOO. A chilly breeze runs around announcing, “He has arrived.”.

The miss of a pulse makes him aware that she is there, standing right at the feet of J N Tata statue. He tries hard to control his expressions while walking towards the statue, and fails miserably. The waves within him want to reach the moon.

She sees him and doesn’t get surprised. A smile does make an entry though.

And here they are, standing in front of J N Tata, almost in a church, awaiting, “I do.”.

She is looking straight into his eyes and, despite his tries, is able to see the expanse of all the waves within him.

The silence between them starts killing. He doesn’t know whether to kill the silence with “Hello.”, “Congrats.” or “Have you bought railway tickets?”, and he hasn’t even rehearsed anything this time. Her gaze keeps him occupied.


He doesn’t, but she knows that he never utters her name. The softness in his voice reveals everything. She can’t help close her eyes.

She opens her eyes to see her friend, lover, future. She knows he cares for her. She knows he exists for her. She knows he would die for her. But she wants him to say it. She wants to hear those three magic words. She wants him to embrace.

She is madly in love with him. Despite Gullu’s warnings, despite bhOndOO’s failures, despite he being the topic of laughter, within the last few years, he has encompassed her mind completely. Not seeing him troubles her. Seeing him troubles her more. She searches for him everywhere in campus, despite knowing he is nowhere nearby. Her day starts with his thought, goes watching him and ends dreaming of him. She has not remained her own; she has completely become his mistress.

Her expectant look and the echo of the most beautiful word in his own voice startles him. He gasps for breath. He gasps for words. He gasps for an “I do.”.

He knows he has to do it. It is his chance, it is his time and it is his life. It is now or never.

“Shami… I… I…”.

“Go on.”.

Her words surprise and encourage him at the same time. He continues.

“I thought about it umpteen number of times. I am not the smartest person you know. I am not the richest person around. Nor am I the most eligible bachelor.”.

She is listening.

“I may not be as warm as your parents, but I care for you. I may not be your best friend, but I respect your feelings. I may not be the most revered person around, but I am true to you. I am not omnipresent, but I am always there for you. I may not know what to say when you are sad, but I will be able to offer you a listening ear. I may not know how to make you smile, but I will smile with you. I may not be the best person around, but I will be good to you. And until recently, I used to believe that I will be able to convince you by showing how much I… how much… I love you.”.

Two storms in two hearts, and yet the duo is stand-still. Those who have experienced it know that it is difficult to say it the first time, and equally difficult when you hear it. A few moments pass in silence.

“However, I realized that I am not the only person who loves you so much. All your friends do. Your relatives do. Your parents do. Perhaps much more than what I can.”.

She is looking at him, with her big eyes, now watery.

“They all can support you emotionally, financially, psychologically. They can give you anything you want. They can make you smile. They can keep you happy. They can create the best world for you.”.

His voice saddens, “So I have nothing special or more or better to offer than anyone else. Neither more intelligence, nor more wealth, nor more love. Nothing.”.

A tiny drop settles on the lower eyelid of her left eye. It glistens in the moon-light, innocently, unaware of the reason of its existence. It saddens him further; he is not yet strong enough to be responsible for her tears. How can he bring her back? How can he make her smile? What should he say? Didn’t he want to propose her? And what has he done? He can’t leave her like this. This can’t be the end of the story?

Despite all his limitations, bhOndOO is b-O-n-d, and he cannot stop being one at this critical juncture of his life. He has to do it! He must.

And he does, with a faint mischievous smile on his face, “There is only one way I can become special.”.

She is trying to gather the meaning of the sudden change of his facial expressions, simultaneously trying to predict his future words. bhOndOO pauses a little allowing her to try. She fails.

“And I would be special only if… you love me.”.

bhOndOO smiles, relaxing himself. Shami smiles, understanding the googly and clearly appreciating the argumentative Indian’s argument.

bhOndOO asks, “There is no one else who has that special ability and I can attain it, only if you tell me. So now, do you love me?”.

bhOndOO’s googly turns the scene by 180 degrees. It was him who had to say it, but he is making her say it! Shami is too shy to say it in words. She looks down.

bhOndOO leans forward and asks in a whisperous voice, “Shami… do you love me?”.

Shami smiles and nods.

The waves have silenced, the moon is brighter, the wind is smiling, the two souls are happy.

bhOndOO steps closer to Shami. For the first time, her blood pressure is higher than that of bhOndOO. But she makes no attempt to step back. bhOndOO is standing very close to her; she doesn’t know what he is going to do. bhOndOO leans forward and holds her hand. She gasps for breathe.

But before bhOndOO could experience Rajendra Kumar’s “Meri rag rag mein koi bark si lahrayi thi, jab tere marmari hathon ko chchua tha maine”, J N Tata starts blowing a whistle. Shami quickly takes away her hand. When bhOndOO comes to senses, he realizes that the security guard at the main building, who has so far been watching them suspiciously, has taken offense. bhOndOO looks at him angrily — because the guard cannot see bhOndOO’s facial expressions in the dark. But he sees that the guard is actually standing quietly. Then who is blowing the whistle?

It is Gullu, and along with him come running BenJi, Lili, Chunna, Munna, Tingi, Mungi. Shami steps back smiling. bhOndOO steps back thinking, And I call them friends!

Everyone gathers around and joyously congratulates bhOndOO and Shami.

“You guys heard everything?”, bhOndOO’s question in disappointment.

“Not everything.”, Gullu replies and his smile troubles bhOndOO more.

BenJi, “Now, can we all go for dinner? I am very hungry.”.

“Sure, where should we go?”, Tingi.

“Let’s go to some exotic place.”, Chunna suggests looking at Shami.

“No, no. I don’t have much money.”, Munna.

“You don’t have to pay today.”, Mungi suggests looking at bhOndOO.

bhOndOO checks his wallet and gets disappointed to see the credit card there.

“Okay, let’s go. Let’s take the bus to Malleshwaram.”.

bhOndOO curses his friends, but is now relaxed. Shami is not able to speak, nor is she able to stop smiling.

At the bus stop, as they see the bus coming, Gullu turns towards bhOndOO and Shami, “Well, some of you can take an auto.”.



May 17, 2009

The rain has just stopped, the evening sunshine is just perfect, the cuckoo has restarted singing, warm pleasant weather is just as bright as happiness, and bhOndOO is alone in his room, looking outside the window, whistling — Wo ladki hai kahan… The romantic atmosphere keeps hinting at bhOndOO.  Shall I? he wonders, No, no. It sounds too romantic!, he restrains himself. But not for long. Another cuckoo joins its partner and they both start singing alternatively. bhOndOO keeps looking at the pair, and this time, he cannot restrain himself. He dials Shami’s mobile number.



Silence for two seconds. bhOndOO breaks it.

“It rained.”.

With the hint of a smile, from her balcony, Shami responds, “It’s wonderful.”.

bhOndOO does not understand whether she is appreciating the weather, him talking about rains, or his call. But he does understand that this is not the time to ask for clarifications. He continues in his romantic mood.

“Umm… I was wondering… whether… we… can go to… Nandi Hills… this weekend?”.

Silence for another two seconds, and this time, bhOndOO’s pessimism breaks it.

“Umm… No problem… No issues at all… I just… asked… Never mind…”.

“No, … actually I am leaving for my native tomorrow morning. Won’t be here over the weekend…”.

bhOndOO does not understand whether the connotation is positive or negative. But what follows makes him feel the former.

“… I am sorry.”.

“No problem. I was simply…” and for lack of any proper verbs in English, he continues with a new sentence, “For how many days are you going home?”.

Shami’s silence followed by the question allows the words to echo back in bhOndOO’s ears, and he feels that he is asking something very personal. He wants to clarify by saying sorry, but a sweet voice from the other end stops him.

“bhOndOO, … I will be back in a week.”.

The parser of his mind stops at the first word in the sentence. His name uttered over the digital signals makes his day. He feels that it was uttered at the most unexpected place in the conversation and he tries to convince himself that it was deliberate.

The parser of his mind finally moves ahead onto other words and it extracts meaning out of the sentence. bhOndOO’s ever-confused mind plays the double game: it makes him happy that she is not going to be away for long, and it makes him sad that she is away.

The confusion makes the silence last for another two seconds. bhOndOO breaks it again.

“Sure… See you then… Bye”.

“Bye, bhOndOO.”.

bhOndOO looks at the mobile-screen and allows Shami to end the call. He looks up on the tree branch and sees the two cuckoos playing with each other. He finds the sun beyond the tree to be mocking at him. He feels restless.

I must tell her my mind today. Today is a nice day. Even today’s fortune for Libra in the newspaper suggested it to be a lucky day. I must tell her my mind today. I must.

bhOndOO makes up his mind. He stands in front of his companion in all matters related to speaking in his life: the mirror. He looks at himself and orders, “You have to do it today.”.

bhOndOO starts with alternatives.

“Shami, I love you.”. No, it’s too direct. This should be at the end.

“Shami, if you ask, I will bring stars for you.”. No, it’s too poetic. And what if she actually asks for one?

“Shami, you are my Queen.”. What if she doesn’t consider me to be a King?

“Shami, we are made for each other.”. Good one, but should not be at the start.

“Shami, my mind-pointer points to you and its dereference set contains only one element.”. Too technical.

“Shami, I want to say something.”. Wonderful start.

bhOndOO starts repeating, “Shami, I want to say something. We are made for each other. I love you. Shami, I want to say something. We are made …”.

After practising the mantra for an hour, bhOndOO realizes that it is dark outside.

“Oh! She must have gone for dinner.”, bhOndOO tells his alter-ego in the mirror. And then as if asking a friend to accompany, he joyously shouts, “Let’s go.”. Both of them run towards mess.

bhOndOO spots Shami in a group seated at a table in the mess. bhOndOO is not hungry. Poor phenomenon like hunger cannot really stop our hero who is on an important mission of proposing. He waits outside the mess, keeping both his eyes on Shami through a window.

He witnesses Shami looking around time-to-time. Is she looking for me? bhOndOO’s alter ego is too shy to answer in affirmation.

The group at the table stands up and bhOndOO sees Shami keeping her plate in the shelf, going to wash her hands, waiting for her friends to finish washing hands and coming out with them wiping hands with her handkerchief. What he does not see is she forgetting to wipe hands when she sees bhOndOO.



“Umm… Would you like to go for a walk?”

Shami’s silence makes bhOndOO’s pessimism come to life, but before the pessimist researcher can do anything, Shami takes control. She turns to her friends and asks, “Can you all go ahead? I will come later.”.

The friends bid her Happy Journey and leave. The two cuckoos leave for a walk. They pass by Shami’s hostel. Shami keeps greeting acquaintances on the way. bhOndOO is looking down, reciting the statements in mind, Shami, I want to say something. We are made for each other. I love you. Shami, I want to say something. We are made …

They reach the Main Building. They walk up to the J N Tata statue. The security guard keeps looking suspiciously at them, but bhOndOO is not bothered — he has bigger issues to tackle.

Shami and bhOndOO are now standing below the statue, facing each other. The situation looks similar to a Christian wedding with J N Tata as the Father. The sole spectator in the wedding hall is suspicious.


bhOndOO does not know but Shami knows that bhOndOO never utters her name. Shami is looking straight into the eyes of bhOndOO now. bhOndOO’s blood pressure is on the rise, he has forgotten what all he wants to say.

“… I just… wanted to say that… you are… I mean I… I…”.

bhOndOO’s pulse rate is at its ultimatum. He is looking at Shami with wide open eyes, wide open mouth, and Shami is just… well, silent.

“… I just… wanted to ask… whether… whether you have confirmed ticket.”.

Shami looks down, smiling.

bhOndOO curses himself, and continues, not to disclose his intentions, “No, it’s important. This is a holiday season. The train will be overcrowded.”.

Shami continues smiling, nodding her head in negation.

“You must have a berth. It is a long journey. You… you have a berth no?”.

“Yes, I have.”, Shami says, softly.

“That’s good. That’s very good. You will have a comfortable journey. I just wanted to ask that.”.

“Sure?”, Shami gives him a mocking look.

bhOndOO dreads and finds himself saying, “Sure… Sure… No. Actually, there is something else I wanted to say.”.

Shami continues looking at him, expectantly.

“I wanted to say that… we are… we are made… no… we are friends. Yes, we are friends for each other…”.

Shami nods, leaving her hope, still smiling.

“And all friends must travel by train with confirmed berths.”.

Shami keeps looking.

“And all friends will have a comfortable journey.”.

The look continues.

“… I just… I just wanted to say that much…”.

“Sure. Is that all?”.

“Yes, that’s pretty much… everything.”.

“Shall we now go back?”

“Yes, of course… of course…”.

While going back, bhOndOO, continues looking down, without speaking a word. Shami keeps smiling.

As they reach Shami’s hostel, bhOndOO turns towards Shami and, “Happy journey.”.

Shami nods. bhOndOO, with a heavy heart, “Bye.”.

Their eyes meet. They talk of separating from each other. bhOndOO turns to leave.


He turns back, surprised.

“Shall we go to Nandi Hills next weekend?”.

the drunkard autodriver.

Feb 28, 2009

“No, I am anticipating a surprise test tomorrow.”.

“No, I have to show results to my boss tomorrow.”.

“No, I have Rhythmica practice.”.

“No, it is Malvika’s birthday tomorrow and I have to take her out for a candle light dinner…”.

Nobody was ready to accompany bhOndOO for a 9-12 movie. bhOndOO, frustrated, decided to go alone for the night show at a theatre on M G Road. He was not bothered about which movie, after the long paper submission. He was so much tired of the work done that he would not mind even if the theatre projected a Kannada movie.

Occasionally, bhOndOO’s luck is not that bad — it was Delhi 6. Not only that he got the tickets, although the previous show was housefull, but also that he got a seat between two beautiful young ladies. The show started. The romantic songs, filled with the fragrance of the ultimate fusion of two ladies perfumes, mesmerised him and he fully enjoyed his decision of coming alone. bhOndOO remembered his orkut fortune “you are the creator of your fortune“, when the young lady on his right missed a dialogue, leaned close to bhOndOO and enquired. bhOndOO, very much engrossed sideways than the front, did not know the dialogue, but told her something which satisfied her query. bhOndOO’s heartbeat rate had doubled: it was the first time in his adventurous life he had said to a girl, “Main tumhe chahata hoon.” (I love you). Yes, that was the dialogue.

bhOndOO’s heartbeats had just come to normal when the young lady on the left offered him popcorn. bhOndOO was on the seventh sky. With each bite, bhOndOO felt the theatre to be heaven, the young ladies to be apsaras, the popcorn to be amrit and he himself to be the God of heavens.

Unfortunately, the movie came to an end. bhOndOO had to part his way with the heavenly people. He came out of the theatre and raised his hand for an auto.

“Tata institute?”.

“Nahi.” and he drove away.

“Tata institute?”.

He nodded in rejection and picked up another passenger.

“Tata institute?”.

“Where is this?”. “Near Malleswaram.”. “Nahi.”, and he drove past.


He did not stop.

“Tata institute.”.

“200 rupees.”. “Nahi chahiye.”.

“Tata institute.”.

“Come.”. “By meter.”. “50 rupees extra.”. “Nahi chahiye.”. “We don’t get a passenger while coming back.”. “Nahi chahiye.”.

“Tata institute.”.


bhOndOO leaned closer to him, “By meter?”.

“Okay. But it is double charge now.”.

“I know, that is alright.”.

bhOndOO got in. The driver was in his late thirties, wearing a hankerchief folded along its diagonal surrounding his neck. Anyone would have been misled that he was drunk and so did bhOndOO. But he did not smell wine when he leaned closer and asked him to go by meter. The auto was particularly bad with the seat cushion sewed and torn at multiple places. The color on bars and other metallic parts was gone. There were several wires, each pasted with several red and yellow cellotapes, coming from below the driver seat and the meter. The only surprising thing bhOndOO observed was the front glass. It was intact and well cleant as if it was newly attached. The auto started and the driver pulled down the meter.

Instead of going straight on M G Road, the autodriver took a sharp left turn to enter a small lane. The lane was almost empty and bhOndOO dreaded. He searched for options:

  • I will get down from the running auto.
  • I will hold the driver by his throat and threaten.
  • If the driver has a knife, I will hold his hand with my left hand and fight with my right hand.
  • If the driver has friends hiding in this lane, then I will …

“Where are you going?”.

The driver replied in a tone as if it was the most non-sensical question on earth, “Tata institute.”.

bhOndOO realized: the driver was drunk.

bhOndOO did not speak for a while. He thought deep, brought a plastic smile on his face and softly said, “But bhaiyya, don’t you think, this way it would take longer?”.

“You go by any way, all roads lead to Gajya’s pan-shop.”.

The auto stopped abruptly. It was a small square. bhOndOO saw a pan-shop on his left having a couple of customers. The sudden stop of the auto made the owner of the shop, supposedly Gajya, to look at the shabby trio — the bhOndOO, the bhaiyya, and the auto.

The auto-driver peeped through his sleepy eyes towards Gajya and gave a big smile — as if meeting a childhood friend. bhOndOO expected the same from Gajya and looked at the pan-shop. But Gajya looked unimpressed with auto-driver’s smile. He continued applying kattha and chuna to the pan spread across his left palm. Not getting a smile in return brought the driver to business. He shouted from the auto, “One Masala 120.”.

bhOndOO’s mental thesaurus got an addition for the meaning of Masala. Originally, it was only about dosas, now it also meant a kind of pan.

“Will you have one?”.



“No, no. I don’t eat pan.”, and continued in his mind, “offered by a drunkard stranger“.

“You are a very good boy. You don’t eat pan. I also did not eat it earlier. But had to eat it for business.”.

bhOndOO was not interested in his talk even if it contained praise. He was more bothered about going back to college. Moreover, the word “business” sounded a bit exaggerated with the kind of auto the driver had.

“I have 4 houses.”.

And bhOndOO almost jumped off his torn off seat. He kept looking at the driver with a recently felt awe. Four houses, that too in Bangalore was amazing. bhOndOO did not show his surprise, but the driver kept searching for it on bhOndOO’s face for a few seconds. Then he closed his eyes to gather strength and spoke again, “I am a very good carpenter. You have seen Forum Mall?”.

bhOndOO nodded, his awe now visible on his face.

“I have done its internal wooden decoration.”.

bhOndOO kept wondering whether the mall had any wooden decoration, didn’t remember, and gave his driver the benefit of doubt.

“Is it!”, bhOndOO exclaimed showing as little admiration as he could.

“Yes! You may not believe me, but a drunkard never lies.”, accepting for the first time that he was drunk.

That statement brought bhOndOO to his senses again and he realized that he should have been headed the opposite way. He looked around but did not find any other auto. He was stuck.

bhOndOO’s looking-around was taken as a losing-interest-syndrome by the driver. He quickly continued, “I have also done the wooden decoration in Ramaiyya Hospital.” and waited for bhOndOO’s admiring glance.

bhOndOO realized that the auto driver was lying and simply nodded, looking around for any sign of another auto.

“In Bangalore…, in the whole Bangalore…, you just ask anybody the name of Raju mistri (carpenter) and he will bring you to my house.”.

Being a programmer and being already aware of the drunkard liar, bhOndOO thought of the gap in the driver’s sentence: Which of your houses?

“My work is always perfect. I do only perfect work. This auto, I drive out of hobby. But I drive it perfect too. I do only perfect work.”.

Raju mistri — the perfectionist — would have continued, but he remembered his pan. He looked at Gajya and shouted, “Gajya, is it done?”.

“Since so long!”, Gajya shouted pointing at a round pan at the counter.”.

Seated in the auto, Raju looked down closing and opening his eyes several times, his body waving like a pendulum. He then looked at bhOndOO and said, “You are not in a hurry, are you?”.

“I am.”, bhOndOO said, firmly.

Raju did not pay heed, got down from the auto and stood for two seconds, balancing himself. He then walked towards the pan waving his body in air. He picked up the pan, looked at it as if it was a wine bottle, wide-opened his mouth and pushed it in. bhOndOO kept looking at the process, involuntarily opened his mouth in parallel and gulped the air.

His eyes got hold of another auto coming from the other side and he saw a ray of hope. When the auto neared, bhOndOO gathered his voice to shout, but when his eyes fell on the back seat, he, at once, shifted his gaze in the opposite direction. The passengers in the other auto were girls similar to bhOndOO’s valentine.

bhOndOO dreaded remembering the event, and then cursed his luck for getting stuck with the drunkard autodriver. He looked first at the watch and then towards the pan shop.

Raju was enjoying the heavenly pan with full concentration. bhOndOO finally gathered courage to speak, “Chalo.”.

Raju’s concentration was disturbed and he did not like bhOndOO shouting at him. He showed his unwillingness by spitting red water on the ground. He then started walking towards the auto. But the pan-shop owner reminded him, “E? Paisa?”.

Raju looked back, with anger-filled already red eyes, “Giving know?”, then looked at bhOndOO and continued, “Everybody is in a hurry.”.

He then took out a 2-rupee coin from his pocket and tossed it at the counter. He then turned back at bhOndOO and gave a wicked smile, as if saying, Now I will see you.

The driver walked and came near the auto. He stood looking at bhOndOO chewing his pan. bhOndOO tried, “Let’s go now. It is already late.”.

Raju did not say a word. He entered the auto from the front door and almost slept on his seat. When bhOndOO leaned forward to see whether he collapsed, the driver got back with an unclean cloth from beneath his seat. bhOndOO sat back. Raju then went to the front of the auto, started cleaning the headlight with the already dirty cloth. bhOndOO got frustrated, but did not speak a word. bhOndOO gave up when Raju started singing, “Pan khaye saiyyan hamaro… Sawali suratia hoth laal laal…“.

After a few seconds, Raju got up and stood in front of the auto looking at bhOndOO. bhOndOO could not fathom what was in Raju’s mind and kept staring at the drunkard through the well-cleant glass. Raju’s hand was not visible to bhOndOO and bhOndOO suspected from Raju’s gesture that Raju was upto something. bhOndOO dreaded but did not move.

Suddenly, Raju held his arm high in air and threw a big stone very fast towards the front glass. bhOndOO’s eyes and mouth remained wide open as he thought, Has he gone mad? Why is he breaking the glass of his own auto? Is he planning to kill me? Shall I shout for help?

bhOndOO witnessed the glass break and the stone settling beside the driver seat. He got terrified and looked at the mad man. Raju had a wicked success smile on his face.

But hold on! How come there was no sound? bhOndOO blinked and realized that the stone was actually the dirty cloth. The ultimately clean glass in that shabby auto was actually an empty space — there was no glass at all!

As bhOndOO was trying to control his heartbeats, Raju spit in front of the auto, walked in and started the auto. He took a steep U-turn and started towards M G Road.

“You see, how much control was there in my hand when I threw that cloth exactly at its place from such a long distance? A drunk man cannot do that. I have drunk wine, but I am not drunk. Believe me. Because a drunkard never lies.”.

bhOndOO was unimpressed. He felt relieved that the auto was beside Cubbon Park now. He was finally getting led in the right direction.

As they approached the Golf Course, cool shivering breeze entered the auto. Raju pushed his pan on one side of the mouth. bhOndOO knew that some gyaan was coming his way. His guess was proved correct within two seconds.

“You have seen me driving. I have been driving since so long now. Do you feel I am drunk? No, na! Exactly! Wine does not drink man, man drinks wine. And I am not lying, a drunkard never lies.”.

bhOndOO was simply praying that the driver did not hit anything on the road. Although there was not much traffic, the road had a divider. Contrary to the state of the driver, the auto was not swinging. It went on with almost a constant speed of 20 KMPH.

As they reached Kaveri theatre, bhOndOO felt much relieved. The college was only 2KM from there. But tragedy never ends for bhOndOO. Raju pushed his auto into a nearby empty petrol pump.

Two young men dressed in blue were standing looking at us. Raju stopped the auto exactly in front of them, in the same abrupt manner as before. He kept silent for two seconds in the same position, and then looked back, “An auto also requires its drink. It is evil that we drink, but do not let our dependents drink. But a drunkard never does an evil. I have lots of thousand rupee notes, here, in my thief pocket and I am capable enough to supply drinks to thousands of people, at this time, at this place. And don’t think I am joking, because a drunkard never lies.”.

“How much?”, one of the two young men at the petrol pump asked annoyingly.

“20 rupees.”, Raju turned and whispered.

What the hell! bhOndOO was imagining at least a few hundreds and despite the delay in reaching back to campus, bhOndOO smiled with the paradox, nodding his head.

After the petrol was filled, the driver got up from his seat and stood firmly on the floor. He then pushed his hand in the thief-pocket of his trouser and took out a bundle of notes. He then glanced at bhOndOO and bhOndOO glanced back. It was a bundle of 10-rupee notes. He straightened them and counted, “One, two, three, four, five.”. He counted them again, “One, two, three, four, five.”. Then he started counting again, “One, two, three.”. He took the three notes and pushed those back in his pocket. He then took the remaining notes and counted, “One, two.”, looked at the petrol pump man and asked, “How much?”.

“Twenty.”, the young man replied reluctantly.

“One. Two.”, the driver handed over the notes with the same reluctance.

The auto started again. The driver, the carpenter, the rich, the four-house-owned, Raju mistri did not speak until they reached Maramma Temple gate. bhOndOO saw the meter. It read Rs.55. With double charge, the fare was Rs.110.

bhOndOO took out his wallet and saw a few hundreds and one twenty rupee note. He handed over Rs.120 to the driver. The driver did not speak for a second and kept looking at the notes. He then took out a 10-rupee note from his thief-pocket and before handing it over, looked at bhOndOO with earnest eyes.

“Sir”, the driver said softly, “Do you have any grievances against me?”.

bhOndOO nodded in negation, and found himself smiling.

“I am sorry if I troubled you. I know you must be thinking that I am a liar. But I am not. I have four daughters and although they are small, I get very worried about their marriages. To meet expenses, I run auto during the night and do carpentry during the day. I love my family and want them to receive all pleasures of life. They want to see at least one movie in PVR. But so far, I have not been able to take them there. I don’t know how, but all my savings get lost. I don’t know how to save money.”.

Raju started crying. bhOndOO felt bad. He looked at the security guard watching the scene with suspicion. He then turned towards Raju and spoke, “See, Rajuji. Money does not have feet. It can’t go anywhere on its own. You yourself spend it on your wine. Stop drinking. I know you want to stop it. Take help from your family and children. They also love you very much, as you love them. There is not as much joy in drinking as in the feeling that someone loves you. Save this money. And whenever you feel like drinking, go to a temple, relax yourself and come back. You will soon start hating wine. Take my friendly advice, because… a friend never lies.”.

The auto driver smiled, like a crying child. He held bhOndOO’s right hand and touched his forehead to it. He then handed over the 10-rupee note to bhOndOO. bhOndOO put his hand on Raju’s shoulder and softly said, “Buy some milk for your children with this money. Don’t buy wine for yourself. God is watching. You are standing in front of Maramma Temple.”.

The auto driver looked at the temple, bowed down and then looked at bhOndOO, his eyes filled with gratitude. He bowed down again and started the auto.

bhOndOO, feeling touched, entered the gate. The suspicious security guard, witnessing the drama, asked bhOndOO for his identity card. bhOndOO put his right hand in the back pocket, frowned, shocked, turned back and ran outside the gate. The driver had run away with the wallet.