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loans that change lives.

May 30, 2008

One of the enthusiastic participants amongst you all, asked bhOndOO whether he could spread a word about some non-profit organizations through this blog. Here’s the answer.

The featured website this time is Kiva. It is a platform where you can loan the needy entrepreneurs, and if you are an entrepreneur requiring an interest-free loan, this is your place. The loan can be as small as a few dollars — collectively, it can get huge.


Read about how Kiva works.

A few facts about Kiva:

  • A loan is made on every 37 seconds (on average).
  • The average time it takes for a Kiva Loan to be funded is 72.24 hours.
  • This week, 1917 entrepreneurs have been funded.
  • This week, $736,775.00 have been lent.
  • This week, 3,264 new lenders joined.
  • Kiva is the Webby People’s Voice Winner for Charitable Organizations / Nonprofit.

If you wish to see a website featured on this blog, please comment on this post. bhOndOO will create a separate post for it.