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bhOndOO writes a paper.

Jan 21, 2009

bhOndOO is currently writing a paper on whatever experimental results he got. He says that it is penfool task. His arguments are as below.

  • You have to make readers understand what you have not understood.
  • Whatever wrong decisions you took during coding, you have to present those as “It is not a bug, it is a feature!”.
  • Whatever hacks and hooks you added to take out that last performance benefit, you have to give it a nice algorithmic treatment in the paper.
  • ooimpress shows nice graphs as you select cells, but you can’t export those graphs as images directly.
  • The most obvious data structure you used is given a nice name, much nicer than its use, and we say, “What’s there in a name?”.
  • You cannot copy-paste multiple cells from excel into tables in LaTeX in one shot.
  • The deadline is after two days and you are trying to figure out how to glue objects in xfig.
  • You precisely know the shoddy work you have done and your advisor is eyeing for the first tier conference.
  • The paper length permitted is 10 pages and your writeup does not go beyond 5!
  • To make it to 10 pages, you draw bigger diagrams, create unnecessary subsections, copy text into captions to make those run multiple lines, add unreferred citations, give explanation for trivia, and curse yourself for bluffing.
  • Finally, after all this jhamela, with two nightouts, you submit it at eleventh hour, and after two months it gets rejected.