similar smileys.

Thanks to Arnab De for the idea of this story.

“Hey, bhOndOO!”, BenJi greeted joyously.
“Hi!”, bhOndOO’s cold reply.
“What happened?”.
“Tell me what happened. Why are you so gloomy?”.
“I made a blunder.”.
“Okay, that’s not a news. But how did you manage it this time?”.

bhOndOO looked up at BenJi with an angry face.

“Okay, okay. What happened?”.
“I was chatting with Lili.”.
“There is nothing wrong in chatting with Lili.”.
“Will you listen?”.
“Okay, sorry.”.
“I didn’t know that Shami was also with her.”.
“Oh! Okay…”.
“We had a small argument about boys versus girls.”.
“We meaning?”.
“Lili and myself.”.
“During the chat?”.
“And we both got angry with each other.”.
“And she called me an idiot.”.
“That should not have bothered you. You should be accustomed to it by now.”.

bhOndOO said nothing.

“Okay, you abused her and Shami was reading everything, right?”.
“No. That would have been a less complicated case.”.
“Then? What did you do?”, BenJi was clearly interested.
“I sent her an angry smiley.”.
“Yes, I wrote an angry smiley in the chat window.”.
“You mean ex-hyphen-opening parenthesis?”.
“Yes, x-(. At least that is what I wanted to write.”.
“Meaning, in the anger, I wrote something else.”.
“What smiley does it create?”.
“a kiss .”.


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9 Responses to “similar smileys.”

  1. jainrishabh Says:

    nice one… 🙂

  2. vinay Says:

    hahahaha..too good!!! bhOndOO is bOnd!! 😀

  3. Suneel Madhekar Says:


  4. Anon Says:

    I remember one such incident from me. I was chatting with a girl once and suddenly, my bladder started making me shiver. So I wanted to tell the girl that ‘One sec. brb’. However, since c and x are so close to each other on keyboard ….:D:D:D

  5. Adway Says:

    LOL! even i have made this mistake earlier…fortunately in not such a scenario 🙂

  6. anila mehrotra Says:

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  7. Bigyan Bhar Says:

    Nice idea 🙂

    Reminds me of the ENT specialist who meant “two drops in right ear” and ended up righting “two drops in R.ear” !!

  8. Bigyan Bhar Says:

    Nice idea 🙂

    Reminds me of the ENT specialist who meant “two drops in right ear” and ended up writing “two drops in R.ear” !!

  9. Johnd931 Says:

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